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  • Sam by C J Locke

    0 out of 5

    Nobody in my line of work uses their real name, so you can call me Sam. That stands for ‘sales and marketing’ because that’s what I do… Sales and marketing for the sex workers of Swansea.

    Got your attention now, haven’t I?

    This book catalogues the exhausting secret life of Carol aka Sam. Find out about her involvement in some extremely illegal activities including cyberstalking, kidnapping, the disposal of a dead body, and a romance with one of Swansea’s notorious bad boys.


    FREE to readers from the 18th to the 22nd of November.

  • Landlady Love by Nancy Merchant

    0 out of 5

    “Age is not a barrier…Many a good tune is played on old fiddles”

    I can still remember the first time I found out what it was to be a man. I guess I was about eighteen at the time and living in a rented room somewhere in the city. My landlady, whom I had always referred to as Mrs. McLaren, had been kind enough to take me in at a reasonable rent when she found out that I was struggling through university. That was eighteen months ago.

    My studies had kept me from pursuing the pleasures of female flesh so I was still a virgin even though I had reached my majority. The only ‘loving’ I had known since I was old enough to get an erection was by wanking and that
    seemed pleasurable enough to get me by up until now.

    It was a Saturday and the big exams had come and gone leaving me with nothing to do except wait for the Monday morning plane to take me home for the end of semester break. I had bought myself the latest copy of a popular ‘girly’ magazine and was now settled on my bed, dressed only in my jocks, with the magazine open to the centerfold. The girl was posed presenting her buttocks at the camera, her legs spread and her face turned to pout from the page. Two huge tits were pointed down at the bed and her cunt gaped out at me inviting me in. In my imagination I joined her on the rumpled bed, dreaming of how that sweet, wet cunt would taste if I could only get my mouth onto it. It didn’t take long for my right hand to find the huge erection that burst from my jocks and I began slowly wanking as I
    dreamed of wild sex with the Goddess in that picture.

    I don’t know why Mrs McLaren came into my room…..

  • Candii Kayn by Jolene Dubois

    0 out of 5

    Before coming to Greece, Candy knew that she wanted to get thicker and curvier for sure. She was tired of being the little petite girl she had always been and she loved the idea of having a huge round ass, and seeing her boobs get bigger, and maybe exploring her fantasies with her soon to be husband more frequently, but now she was feeling something entirely different.

  • Biting Dominance by Vivianna Waters

    0 out of 5

    Valentina heard the whispers about the darker side of the erotic club scene. She knew that women were disappearing and as an investigative reporter she intended to find out why. Little did Valentina know that her meddling would draw the attention of the vampire in charge of New York City’s oldest organized crime group. Curiosity might just prove deadly unless Valentina manages to summon all of her wits for the most daunting undercover story of her career. Rowan is watching Valentina from the shadows and it just so happens that he likes what he sees.

  • Emerald by Josiane Veiga

    0 out of 5

    ““Take off your clothes,” he ordered.
    Just then, the face that was so far completely cold became a living fire, mixed with her astonishment.
    “Take off your clothes,” he repeated. “I want to have you at once.”
    Clearly, it wasn’t even a carnal act. It was just an obligation.
    “I will do it for as long as it takes to get you pregnant. If it is a girl, we will repeat the act until you give me a son. Then, I don’t intend to touch you anymore. I feel no desire for you.”

  • Flash Photography: A Bad Boy Billionare Romance (A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Book 1) by Sara Bee

    0 out of 5

    Chelsea Fischer is stuck…literally.

    She’s trapped outside of her house and wearing only her bathrobe…which got caught by the front door. The locked front door. But when the billionaire next door comes to rescue her, she’s not exactly thrilled to see him. Derek Mayberry may be pretty to look at, but that’s not nearly enough to make up for what a tool he is. Unfortunately, she’s desperate, and when he offers to bring her to his place, she can’t say no…

    This novella is a short and sexy romp, with some humor and light BDSM

  • Sire Bound by Edith Warner

    0 out of 5

    As a young nursing student, Selene Evans has a bright future ahead of her, but things take a radical turn when a vampire abducts her and forces her to drink his blood. The heightened senses, crazy emotions, and cravings pale in comparison to the drive of her newfound lust.

    Not only does she have feelings for her kidnapper, the sire bond also forces her to obey his every command. To their mutual satisfaction, she craves to explore the fine line between pleasure and pain with him, and in the midst of it all, she begins to lose her sense of self.

    Could her feelings for him just be a product of the sire bond? Only time spent away from his influence will tell, but there are forces so dark out there, they make her demon look like an angel in disguise.

    ** WARNING: Sire Bound is a BDSM Paranormal Romance Novella with adult characters and themes, explicit language, graphic sex, bondage, and impact play. This is a sample of the full novella and is intended to be read in conjunction with Part 2.**