Erotic Literature

  • Luna Proxy #1 (Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn

    0 out of 5

    The dull, boring life of Leila Ulric stretches into the horizon. Little does she know that a new moon rises in the dark skies and brings with it a world of terrible and fantastic creatures known as werewolves. An insatiable curiosity drives her to learn more about these monsters, and so she travels on a journey that will redefine who she is and what she knows.

  • Erotic Reflections by Jessica Sage

    0 out of 5

    Erotic Reflections: An Erotic Romance – A Collection Of Five Erotic Short Stories.

    This is a steamy new collection of 5 unrelated short stories from up-and-coming Erotic Romance author Jessica Sage.

    Jessica’s new endeavor “Erotic Reflections” creatively explores situations centered around self-voyeurism.