ER Pierce

  • Eating Out (Hot Lunch #1) by ER Pierce

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    Samantha Baker isn't interested in being another notch on Ryan Fellows bedpost, but she can't deny he's got style, charisma, and prowess. When he invites her to have lunch out of the blue, she finds she can't ignore the way his eyes caress her, nor the way he seems to know exactly what she needs…

    Contains references to light BDSM in the form of a spanking, and Samantha must call Ryan “Sir”.

    This erotic short story series is meant to be read on your lunch break.The Hot Lunch Series is a wicked hot, short and steamy, office fling, with just the right amount of romance. The perfect length to read while you munch.

    Series Order:

    Eating Out

    Hot or Cold

    Table for Two

    The Hot Lunch Series (Complete Ryan and Samantha set)

    Room 306 (Philip and Katie #1)

    Room 69 (Philip and Katie #2)

    Room 72 (Philip and Katie #3)