epic fantasy series

  • Dawn of Fire by C.B. Vaughn

    0 out of 5

    The ancient and enigmatic continent of Zannondale had seen its fair share of sorrow. Tortured and despoiled by the wars that had devastated its once glittering realms, it still felt the aftereffects centuries later. And now, from far back into the past, a new and more powerful evil than ever is rising, one that threatens to turn Zannondale’s fields to dust and her cities to ashes.

    The brutal and merciless Baron Chronus has only one desire and that is to rule over all, no matter what. And for two young men, Dorian and Dain, it means the end of their carefree lives forever. Together with their mentor Julius and the ferocious warrior Kara, the two young men embark on a quest to defeat a shadowy evil, avenge the fallen and uncover long-forgotten secrets of a tragic and hidden past. They have the courage to face the evil that threatens to destroy them, but do they have the strength to defeat it?

  • Double Cross by Varun Vashist

    0 out of 5

    One move : Last move

    Agent Kiara Davenport and Agent Jake Carter found antiques worth millions at a car crash, but no one came forward to claim them. With no leads, they had to not only find the person behind it, but they also had to find a whole network that was working without anyone’s knowledge and that too for years.

    Jake meets someone who gives him a lead, but as he tries to find a connection, he starts falling for her. He is in a dilemma and by the time Jake and Kiara come to know how deep it was, they had to decide if they could put their lives at risk and that too without telling their boss.

    Will they find who was behind it and that too while running for their lives?