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  • Date Like A Woman by Kai Nicole

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    Date Like A Woman (DLAW) is for the 21st century woman who is ready
    for a new narrative about dating, romance, sex and life! DLAW helps
    women move from fear to freedom. It offers practical dating advice,
    teaching women to navigate through the often challenging and daunting
    dating world, while countering the sexist, stereotypical and, frankly,
    stupid “instructions” spewed at women by self-professed male
    “dating experts.”

    DLAW puts the FUN back into dating while also providing no-nonsense
    guidance that empowers and encourages women who have grown weary, been
    disappointed, and are still holding on to outmoded and unrealistic
    expectations about their dating choices. DLAW reminds women of their
    worth, helping them understand that they do not need to fit some
    antiquated model of being “accepted” or “chosen” by men.

    For women who are so ready to sever the cord – quickly, forcefully and permanently –
    that has kept them bound by dangerous dogma and silly, sexist “thought leaders,”
    DLAW offers fresh, funny advice for discovering themselves, deciding what they really
    want, and enjoying dating!