English lord

  • Kept: The lost vampire journals – book 1 by Helen Allan

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    She found something she should never have read, and never have kept, a vampire’s journal.

    Now he is coming for her.

    But first, he has to catch her.

    Ah, Josephine.

    I’d like to leave her alive a little longer, find out more about her, she is attractive to me in some indefinable way. But I cannot take the chance. She knows too much of me, of my world, and this cannot be permitted.

    I will come for her tonight. And she will die.

    Of course, I will have to make it interesting; she already knows how I have killed others. Haven’t I seen her laugh while reading all about it?

    I will use my imagination with her, give her one last surprise. Although I don’t think she will laugh.

    And I am sorry.