enemies turned lovers

  • Cancer: A Passionate Zodiac Romance (Book 2 in Signs of Lovemaking) by Lexy King

    0 out of 5

    Cara and Alain are two fiercely independent people with deep scars from their pasts. Cara is a tough girl who knows how to look out for herself. Alain is a sweet and sensitive man looking to step out from his family’s shadow. From the moment they lay eyes on each other, they are swept up into a wild and intense romance… one of which neither of them may leave unscathed. Can they overcome their hangups and to find love in the middle ground?

    Cancer: A Passionate Zodiac Romance is a very raw and satisfying read.

  • Irresistible Prejudice by Lily Holland

    0 out of 5

    Can you fall in love with your childhood nemesis?

    Charles Knightley has never wondered. Ever since he was a child, he hated Miss Selina Heathfield with a dedicated heart. Earl of a wide estate, his peaceful life is soon troubled by his uncle’s letter: the old man wants him to marry Miss Heathfield.

    Will the woman redeem the memory of the nasty little girl imprinted on his mind or will she prove to be even more of a nightmare than anticipated?

    Are love and hate really two sides of the same coin? Find out in this sweet and short regency romance!

    If you like Regency Romance and Arranged Marriages Stories with stubborn Lords and beautiful Ladies discovering passion and romance in the British countryside, then “Irresistible Prejudice” was made for you!

    “Irresistible Prejudice” is a Historical Regency Arrange Marriage Romance novel where you will NOT find cheating or cliffhangers but a rejoicing happily ever after.

    First book in the series of standalone novels The Unforeseen Lovers, “Irresistible Prejudice” offers the perfect first taste of Regency Arranged Marriage Romance to get you hooked!

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