Emily Rose

  • Miss Use Me by Emily Rose

    0 out of 5

    Before you start in with all your holier-than-thou judgment, I think you should know that at the time that this all happened, things weren’t looking good. I had been the smart girl in school – all four years, and all A’s. Okay, a single B+; bite me, Professor Travers. I should confess, while I’m at it, that I was also an insufferable goody-goody. What straight-A, Summa Cum Laude student isn’t? I know now that I was the worst kind of prude – the kind that avoids sex and passion out of fear of the unknown. Because of that mentality, it was purely ignorance and misunderstanding that led me to get a job at an exclusive sex club. Maybe if I had known that soon I would be overwhelmed by carnal desire and the dark intrigue of Elliot Archer, I would have approached my work with a little more enthusiasm and a little less naiveté. Then again … well … you can make up your own mind.

  • Eyes of Ice by Emily Rose

    0 out of 5

    Immediately gripping and intensely erotic, Eyes of Ice is sure to mesmerize any reader. In this first novel of the erotic series, shy, young Cecelia Hardwicke moves to Chicago with her best friend and the sole ambition of becoming a successful journalist. After she meets a mysterious young man with all the markings of the vampires of legend, Cecelia believes she has found the story that will make her career – yet as she investigates the intriguing Andrew Forrester and his circle of deadly companions, her interests become more passionate than professional. Before long, Andrew has awoken the demon of sexual desire inside of her, and Cecelia is no longer certain who is pursuing whom.