Ella Cooper

  • Work and Pleasure: Short, Sweet & Steamy Romance by Ella Cooper

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    An Insta-Love Alpha Billionaire, Sexy Woman Steamy Romance

    I am not a man that has want for anything. I have it all, or so I thought
    I needed someone to look after my mother, she needed a job.
    But the moment our eyes met, we found what we didn’t even know we were searching for – LOVE. I knew I wanted her.
    The fire that burns for her within me is unlike anything I have ever felt.

    But Brady just had to be jealous!
    He is more than just my gardener, he is the keeper of my darkest secret.
    And now, Melissa will know the gentle hands I caress her with have been used for unspeakable evil!
    He’s gone now, but filled with bitterness and revenge
    I must protect Melissa from him and face him when he comes back!
    But who will protect her from my dark past? Who will fill the void that only Melissa can?