Eliza King

  • An Accidental Valentine by Eliza King

    0 out of 5

    When Monica Abbott checked into the resort in the Bahamas, she expected to spend two weeks alone and try to put the pain of her husband’s death behind her. In her wildest dreams, she’d never thought a handsome stranger would interrupt. But that’s just what Joshua Corbett does – through no fault of his own. It seems the hotel booked him into Monica’s suite shortly after she checked in. With nowhere else for him and his young daughter to go, and a promise not to bother her, he offers to pay for everything if she’ll let them stay.

    Before long, Josh’s promise is set aside and instead he begs Monica to help him be rid of his possessive ex-girlfriend by having Monica pretend to be his new love. She tries to resist the feelings that begin to develop, telling herself that she doesn’t want or need another man. But during the time she spends alone with Josh, she has to re-examine if that’s the truth – or does her heart disagree?