Eli Gilic

  • Slaves to Desire by Eli Gilic

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    Slaves to Desire is a collection of short stories, the genre is technically romance/erotica since there is some sex going on, but I wouldn’t narrow it to that and I wouldn’t even call it erotica. If you are thinking 50 Shades and similar books, this is something completely different. I would say the sex in my stories is only an instrument to make serious issues more approachable. That is why Anna Karenina muses about the meaning of life only when she finds herself in hell; Hamlet and Ophelia escape Shakespeare’s scroll to find out is free will an illusion; Rasputin is very disappointed during one of his wild orgies; Baudelaire’s muse, Jeanne Duval, let’s us know how a kept woman feels; Van Gogh is torn between the desire for freedom and sadness due to loneliness; Dostoevsky and Polina Suslova show how a relationship between two headstrong partners looks like; George Sand reveals the problems a woman encounters when the love of her life is ill… Some stories are pretty explicit since their characters demanded that style. The most explicit one, about Rasputin, is actually about our modern fast society without romantic challenges, which leads to boredom and perversion. The others are poetic. And I tried to portray the background of all historical figures as accurately as possible.