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  • The Gaspng by Dana Rey

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    Editorial Reviews

    “This was a fun novel that really kept me guessing. Reminded me of a good Hitchcock movie in a way, constantly taking the reader in surprising new directions and bringing in new characters.” J.M. Amazon.com

    “This was such a fun read. You never knew which way things were going to go. It is so weird to realize how small a city really is when you find out you know a lot of the same people, who have the same name in around about way.I enjoyed this mystery adventure….” M.M Amazon.com

    “A mystery worth reading” P.A.A Amazon.com “If you want a good mystery with twists and turns…this is the book for you! Not only is this book a mystery but it is also a romance as well. It’s a page turner, once you start reading, you don’t want to stop.”RS. Amazon.com

    “An interesting read that kept me engaged as the characters seemed real and their situations intensified my desire to keep reading. With mystery, sex and family at the center of it all, he was distances apart. A great fast read.” A.C. Amazon.ca


    “A Novel Mystery, Suspense with Sizzling Romance and Humorous Adventures”

    In four short months, James wife came to her demise. He met Maria, and gave her hundreds of thousands of dollars, when he believed in her. He slowly came to the realization that millions of dollars were swindled from him. He couldn’t go to the police for help, which left him embroiled in shame. Rage led him to the decision to find Maria and make her pay for what she had done to him.

    His journey to find her got him entangled in stranger’s love affairs, and business dealings. This led him to the discovery of a well-organized plot that steals billions’ of dollars. He plotted to recoup the millions stolen from him, and figured out a way to make billions in the process, if everything goes as planned.