E.P. Martingale

  • Time Travel Books Reliving Carla, The Time Travel Books of Carla Carrington Episode 1 by E.P. Martingale

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    Seth Dixon isn’t sure, but the sound of her voice is compellingly familiar so he opens up and tells her about the government’s top secret mining operations and his role in the alleged kidnapping and murder of four top government officials. What Carla Carrington hears eventually draws her to Seth deep enough that she breaks professional protocol jeopardizing her career, her marriage, and her life. She partly falls for Seth’s art of persuasion and good looks, but more so for what he claims that he can give her – the opportunity to reverse the course of an unfortunate event in her life. It all begins to unfold or unravel for Carla after the second therapy session with Seth. Carla touches the crown of Seth Dixon’s head and is thrown into an otherworldly experience that begins to challenge her traditional beliefs of reality. At that point she is in too deep and when the government decides to change plans on Mr. Dixon’s therapy, Carla resorts to desperate measures