• I Just Can’t Seem to Stop My Boss from Sharing My Body: An Ella Submits Book by Elsa Benedek

    0 out of 5

    Ella is back! This time, the sweet, submissive 18 year old will be working as a Massage Girl for Sir’s friend.
    What will training be like with her new, “hands-on” boss?
    Will the clients be tempted by her wanton teenage body?
    And when the other masseuse, beautiful, haughty Dai-Tai gets to close to Sir, how will Ella get her delicious revenge?
    Join Ella on her latest sex-filled romp: from Happy Ending to Happy Ending, over and over again!

  • GOOD FRIEND Volume 5: Hypnotized by Jillian Hoff

    0 out of 5

    Lisa and Adam are close friends and nothing more, despite what Adam might want.

  • Primal Chase by Jessie Snow

    0 out of 5

    He’s not a monster, but he’s not human…

    Jay is driving back to his mountain cabin when his jeep dies. A brilliant flash of light draws him beyond the treeline, like a moth to a flame. When the light fades, a naked man emerges from a pile of ashes. He’s here for one reason. And that reason is Jay.

    Shocked by what the man tells him, Jay runs. Not only from the stranger, but from his own desires. It’s the beginning of a night filled with chases and captures, carnal needs and inhuman pleasures.

    Just who is this man? And why does he seem so familiar?

    Primal Chase is Volume One of the From the Ashes short story series.

    Length: 8,600 words (approximately 34 pages). A short story.

    Please note: This gay erotica short story contains explicit adult male/male content. It is intended for adults only.

    Dub-con, fingering, oral, rimming, orgasm control, multiple orgasms, prostate milking, outdoor sexual situations, inhuman characteristics, dream/nightmare-induced necrophilia. Three extremely detailed and explicit m/m scenes.