• Permission Granted by Roxie Roth

    0 out of 5

    Dahlia and Sean’s marriage has never been stronger, and neither has their D/s relationship. Dahlia’s so in love that she can’t imagine ever being attracted to another man. Or so she thinks.

    After accidentally sending her hot new editor Max an embarrassing video of herself, Dahlia finds herself lost in a sea of confusion and desire, as Max pursues her. Things only get more confusing when her dominant husband lets one of his deepest, darkest secrets spill: he’s interested in sharing her with Max.

    What’s a wife to do when her husband has given his permission?

  • Sire Bound by Edith Warner

    0 out of 5

    As a young nursing student, Selene Evans has a bright future ahead of her, but things take a radical turn when a vampire abducts her and forces her to drink his blood. The heightened senses, crazy emotions, and cravings pale in comparison to the drive of her newfound lust.

    Not only does she have feelings for her kidnapper, the sire bond also forces her to obey his every command. To their mutual satisfaction, she craves to explore the fine line between pleasure and pain with him, and in the midst of it all, she begins to lose her sense of self.

    Could her feelings for him just be a product of the sire bond? Only time spent away from his influence will tell, but there are forces so dark out there, they make her demon look like an angel in disguise.

    ** WARNING: Sire Bound is a BDSM Paranormal Romance Novella with adult characters and themes, explicit language, graphic sex, bondage, and impact play. This is a sample of the full novella and is intended to be read in conjunction with Part 2.**

  • His Sapphire by Maggie Chase

    0 out of 5

    As Sapphire, Sadie knows the judge’s type. He longs to be in control—and she longs to surrender it. But Gerard is afraid of hurting her—and more afraid of what he might become if he gives into his desires. Can Sadie show him there’s nothing to fear from a little pain?

  • Dancing Backward by Thomas Lavalle

    0 out of 5

    Kelly was rich, beautiful, spoiled and born bossy. For Christopher, she’d decided that absolute submission to her will was the destiny he secretly craved. In any case, it was the destiny he was going to get.

    From the moment Chris sees Kelly across the dance floor, he is as helpless as a marionette in her hands…

    At a distance, she was impressive; close-up she was lethal. She reminded Chris of Tinker Bell all grown up, with her pixie-cut, white-blonde hair and a tight-cinched lime sweater dress that emphasized reckless curves above and below…

    “I’m looking for a guy who will follow my lead—not only on the dance floor, but in all things. How do you feel about that?”

  • The Alpha’s Hunger by Renee Rose

    0 out of 5

    Her Millionaire Boss. The Human he can't resist.

    Though Ben knows a human girl is no match for the fearsome lusts of an alpha wolf, she ignites in him a hunger he can barely contain. Can he resist the urge to mark her as his own and take her harder than she can imagine?

  • We Need Him Part 2 by Sage L Mattison

    0 out of 5

    We Need Him pt 2 is a sexy, yet realistic look at the relationship of Jake, Jamie and Brett in this all new erotic romance novella that will keep you reading till the end!

    After spending a mind blowing night with Brett the Brit, Jake and Jamie are determined to get him back after he left in a hurry the following morning.

    Can they convince the wary Dom to come back to their bed or will Brett’s scars be too much for this threesome to handle?

    We Need Him Part 2 is approximately 20,000 words.

  • Blow My Whistle by Gin LaSalle

    0 out of 5

    Night shifts at the NSA offices can get awful boring. Kyle is a calm, mild-mannered data analyst who just wants to finish work and go home to bed. But when his boss stumbles across a chain of the steamiest emails either of them have ever seen, the night takes a turn for the hot.

    Derek has been working at the undisclosed facility much longer than Kyle has, and he’s no stranger to reading through private, intimate correspondence. It’s always been his secret pleasure.

    Stuck alone in the office with a treasure trove of explicit photos, Derek forces Kyle to confront his secret desires, but only if he’s willing to do as he’s told…

    This 5000-word story features intense scenes of light D/s in an office environment between a young man and his older boss.

  • Her Troika (Part I) by Trent Evans

    0 out of 5

    A term of service to the Trust. Reduced to chattel of a powerful organization of elites.

    Her body no longer her own. Months of submission, training, obedience … bliss.

    It had been her idea, this fulfillment of a deep-seated submissive fantasy — but sometimes fantasies are best left to the realm of the imaginary.

    What if the danger of the reality proves to be too terrifyingly intense, too much for even the most adventurous soul?

    Standing in the dock, in chains, staring out at the sea of avid, lust-filled gazes it was surely too late to turn back. Only her husband and his intriguing friend had a chance to save her from becoming a slave to an anonymous, cruel Master.

    There was only one way to prevent such a fate from befalling Breanna.

    They’d have to buy her…

    Publisher’s Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

    This BDSM book contains the following acts or themes: Consensual sexual slavery (auctioning), D/s, TPE, bondage, forced exhibitionism, objectification, humiliation.

    MFM menage BDSM erotic romance. There is no sexual interaction between the males in this story.

    NOTE: This is Part I of a five part serialized novel.

  • What She’s Looking For by Trent Evans

    0 out of 5

    What if the very thing you crave is that which you most fear?

    Ashley is a woman running from her past — and from herself. Ten years of marriage to a man who took his dominance too far has left her scared, but defiant … determined, yet desperate.

    Knowing what she doesn’t want, but not knowing what she really needs, she moves West, seeking to rebuild her life, for once in control of herself. But inside she suspects it’s that control itself that’s the real problem — she doesn’t want it. Any of it.

    In a beautiful resort town in central Washington, she meets two gorgeous men; the stern, dangerous Parker, and the dark, brawny Drake. Can she risk herself again, surrender to the forbidden pleasure of being subject to these men? Or is the possibility of having her heart broken yet again too much to chance?

    In the arms of not one, but two, strict Dominant men, can she find the peace she’s looked for all her life? The peace she’s only found in the bonds of utter submission, the taboo pleasure of being the property of two men at once?

    Or, as she learns more about these mysterious men, will she realize that it’s not only her heart at risk?

    Word Count: 100,212

    Page Count: approx 339 pages

    Warning: This novel contains the following acts or themes:

    MFM Menage (Maledom/femsub), explicit sex (including DP and anal), D/s, TPE, sadomasochism, objectification, humiliation, spanking, caning, tawse/strap, bondage, suspension.

    This is a MFM menage erotic romance. There is no sexual interaction between the males in this story.