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  • Forever and One Week by Caroline Cairn

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    The Spirits of Saoradh, who carry the guilt of a crime they committed when they were alive, now spend their ghostly days in the Void, dark nothingness where time and space are distorted. Until they get bound to a human. As often as needed, that human can call them to the real world, ask them to grant a wish, then send them back to the Void. The Spirits also have to follow strict rules or be punished, unaware that they can earn their redemption through a selfless sacrifice.

    Spirit Logan despises the obedience he has to show to his humans, and prefers the enjoyable solitude of the Void. For three years, he has managed to threaten them into severing their bond, thus having his memory wiped of their existence. Except his latest human, an emotionless woman with a secret past, isn’t scared of him. Worse, she doesn’t care about his ability to make wishes come true.

    Tessa, a twenty-six-year-old nursery teacher in Fort William, Scotland, doesn’t expect a sullen ghost only she can see and touch to burst through her solid defences. Both dismayed and intrigued, she offers Logan a deal he can’t refuse: to live with her in the human world for one week, at the end of which she will agree to release him.

    Slowly, Tessa braves through the safety of her detachment towards people to show Logan some kindness. But the more her feelings deepen, the more Logan increases his distance…

  • Capture Me by Anna Zaires

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    She fears him from the first moment she sees him.

    Yulia Tzakova is no stranger to dangerous men. She grew up with them. She survived them. But when she meets Lucas Kent, she knows the hard ex-soldier may be the most dangerous of them all.

    One night—that’s all it should be. A chance to make up for a failed assignment and get information on Kent’s arms dealer boss. When his plane goes down, it should be the end.

    Instead, it’s just the beginning.

    He wants her from the first moment he sees her.

    Lucas Kent has always liked leggy blondes, and Yulia Tzakova is as beautiful as they come. The Russian interpreter might’ve tried to seduce his boss, but she ends up in Lucas’s bed—and he has every intention of seeing her there again.

    Then his plane goes down, and he learns the truth.

    She betrayed him.

  • Black Wings by Iryna K Combs

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    A new time. A new planet. A new world. New technologies. Two new humanoid species. A new war.The two species separate, but in the removal, some of the best are left behind among the worst. Captured and held as slaves, they are treated cruelly for entertainment. Torture. Pain.Annabel, endures a year of such cruelty, kept alive only by way of syringes which, while healing, cause a greater agony. She discovers a secret held by their leader, and decides to help her own kind by escaping-even if it means a final death, preferable to the life she has endured.Her escape succeeds, and she joins her own kind at the other end of the planet. Among her new friends she meets many who help her adjust to their happier life. Will Annabel find romance? Or will another war break her down?

    “This is a great sci-fi/fantasy romance, with a great high fantasy beginning reminiscent of JRR Tolkien’s Silmarillion. As the characters and their world unfold, you will not be able to pull yourself out until it is done, and then anxiously await for the author to return with a new story! Glorious romantic fantasy that will make your spirit and imagination soar, swooping through the air on black wings!” — Thomas M. Strait

    “I give this book “Black Wings” five stars, as I truly enjoyed the intensity of it, very much so. I was worried, and distraught, wanting only the best to turn out. This was a truly enjoyable book, very sentimental. I felt the words like they were meant to be read, truly emotionally impacting me, every inch of the way!” — Deneale’s Book Buzz

    “It’s been a while since I read a Sci-Fi/Fantasy story that grabbed me. This one did. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to work to pay bills I would have just read straight through without stopping. The story takes you into the future of Earth and what could be or in this case what did happen. Chock full of goodies this Science-fiction novel will have you rooting for the heroine, Annabel and hating the Varkins with such passion you want to jump in the story and take care of business. Highly recommend if you are a Sci-fi/fantasy reader.” — Amazon customer

    “I absolutely love this book! I would give Black Wings 10 stars if I could! It is well plotted and keeps you guessing, you think you know what will happen next and she takes you in a whole new direction! The author takes you on an adventure you will not soon forget! I hope there is a sequel” — Amazon customer

  • Synth: Severed by Z. Labuschagne L.M Du Preez

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    Poppy and Mila have been friends since grade two, but the separation of university has weakened their strong relationship. Clinging to the once indestructible friendship, Mila flies to Los Angeles to visit Poppy. But from Poppy’s edgy new look, to the peculiar location of their meeting—a nightclub called Synth in the heart of the city—it’s troublingly apparent that there’s something different about her best friend.

    Poppy reveals she’s involved in a life-changing ritual and begs Mila to join. What Mila doesn’t realize is that she doesn’t have a choice. She’s being watched and Poppy has made promises that cannot be broken.

  • SLATE (Breaking the Declan Brothers) by Kelly Gendron

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    “Some boys will keep it, some will break it, and some boys, they just won’t want it. You gotta be careful who you give your heart to…” Slate Declan

    First loves, we all got them. Mine is Slate Declan. He was kind, gentle, and caring. Still, he managed to break my heart. So I put miles between us, and eventually, my heart healed.

    I haven’t seen Slate in years, but a couple friends and I are going back to the Bayou for the summer. While I’m visiting my hometown, I’m going to look up Slate Declan. And I plan to break his heart, just as he did mine. I’ll remind him of what he has lost, and then I’ll prove to him that I’ve moved on.

    It should be real easy, right?

    Well, let me tell you, Slate Declan is not the same guy that I left behind. And there’s another problem. How do you break someone’s heart when they no longer have one?

  • Rooter by Teiran Smith

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    “A tale of love and deadly obsession.”

    At twenty one, Sophie has already endured enough pain and heartache to last two lifetimes. All she wants to do is create a normal, comfortable life for herself. She goes to college, works part-time, and leads a quiet, ordinary routine.

    So why is she so obsessed with Rooter, the alleged “vicious criminal” next door? She watches as he comes and goes. Watches him play with his pit bull. Watches him hang out in his backyard with other alleged criminals.

    When Sophie’s roommate, Mike, attacks her in a fit of jealous rage, Rooter comes to her rescue. Sophie quickly falls for Rooter, but he makes it clear she’s better off without him. He’s the worst kind of guy—Dangerous—and she’s a good girl.

    When she’s attacked yet again, Rooter swoops in and saves her and finally admits his feelings for her. They embark on a passionate romance, but his secrecy, controlling tendencies, and crazy ex-friend-with-benefits threaten to tear them apart.

    Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, Sophie is accused of a brutal crime that pits Rooter against her. When Mike’s infatuation turns into a deadly obsession, will he be there to save her?

  • Breaching His Defenses by Allyson Lindt

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    What happens in Vegas… Can break hearts and destroy careers.

    Years ago, heartbreak corrupted Jared Tippins’s outlook on love. He spun the betrayal into a rapid climb up the corporate ladder, and swore off any relationship with a morning after. Luckily, the playful siren who rescues him from singing a duet alone in a karaoke bar doesn’t want anything long term.

    If only he could stop fantasizing about ways to make her moan. Sure, she could’ve mentioned he works for the competition. At least she’s not behind the security concerns that have plagued his company for almost six months.

    If she were, he’d be screwed on a whole new level.

  • Roar: A Soldiers of Fortune Romance by Aubrey Irons

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    I don’t give a f*ck if I die tomorrow, as long as I get her tonight.


    I’ve been to war. I’ve lived in the streets. I’ve beaten the needle, and I’ve looked death in the face and laughed.

    So what the f*ck do I want with a sassy, smart-mouthed spitfire like Peyton Rivers?

    There are a thousand reasons I should stay away, beyond the fact that she’s my best friend’s sister. She’s just as broken as me. She’s seen the face of the devil and taken the time to spit in it, and she’s got scars like mine to prove it.

    Oh, and we’ve been down that road before, and it ended in blood and rain.

    But like I said, I’m a fighter. You gotta fight for what you want. And Peyton — the sassy, hard-knocks girl from my past with a body made for sin — is gonna be mine.

    The sins of the past never quite stay where you put them, do they?


    I worked hard to get to where I am. Stable, healed, and somewhat normal — with a family to call my own.

    I shut the door on Bryce Connors a long time ago. What we had was wrong then and the ghost of that memory is worse now.

    It’s just that there are people who tie us together, blood bonds that can’t be broken. But when our family is shattered, our friend stolen from us, the two of us are thrown together all over again until we get him back.

    Great; high stakes, high tensions, and halfway across the world with the one man I can’t seem to resist, even when everything about him makes my heart scream NO.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    …Or right?

  • Burn: A Soldiers of Fortune Romance by Aubrey Irons by Aubrey Irons

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    Tempting and volatile; he’s the hottest thing that never should have happened to me.

    It was supposed to be a one-time thing; my one one-night stand. He’s the tattooed, bareknuckle fighter with a body built for sin who I found beaten and bloodied in my elevator that night. He’s the one I patched up, the one I took care of, and the one I apparently couldn’t say no to when his mouth touched mine…

    A one night stand. Just one night, right?

    Yeah, wrong, because I just found out my “mysterious stranger” is actually going to be my brother-in-law in half an hour.

    Logan f**king Dempsey. The arrogant, panty-melting, rude and crude Marine-turned-billionaire who runs my late father’s company. He’s my new boss. He’s the best man in this wedding. He’s everywhere, and I can’t escape him.

    No matter how wrong it might be…


    Holy f*ck. Of all the girls in all the world, she has to be the random chick who found me that night and saved my f*cking life?

    She looked strangely familiar that night. Now that I know who she is, it’s like original sin staring me in the face.

    Good-girl doctor, totally off-limits Quinn Archer is literally the last girl on the whole damn planet a screwed-up guy like me should have anything to do with. I know this, I swear I do.

    There’s playing with fire, and then there’s sticking your hand in the flames. If I keep ignoring the rules, we’re both going to get burned. It’s just…

    Yeah, f*ck the rules; she’s gonna be mine.

    ***This is a standalone book with a HEA, though there are plot threads that continue through the full series.***

  • Going Greek by Lelani Black

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    It’s sexual healing, and handcuffs, under the Mediterranean sun!

    Marigold Laurent flies off the the Mediterranean to visit family, and to get over the lover whose lies scarred her heart, and shamed her by branding her a homewrecker. But when her plane lands on exotic Corfu, bold, brazen businessman, Dmitri Damianos’ smile, hot bod and sexy eyes remind her that she’s still a woman.

    Her plan to keep the man at arms’ length sets off a steamy and sexy pursuit, one that opens her eyes to the possibility; letting go of her bitterness might mean giving in to the chase.

    Except her past is waiting around the corner. Can her new love survive the scandal she thought she left behind?

  • Forgiving You by Ginnie Carmichael

    0 out of 5

    It’s been ten years since Austin abandoned her.

    Sam still can’t get over it. He was her best friend and the first man that she ever loved. How could he throw that all away?

    Stuck in her hometown, Sam has been running the family bakery to support her widowed mother. Without Austin around, it quickly became her prison.

    Leaving Bluebell Valley seemed like the best thing that ever happened to the new billionaire, Austin Cole. His company, Cole Technology, has made the world a better place and he’s been rewarded handsomely for it. If it wasn’t for the never-ending loneliness in his heart, his life would be perfect.

    When he’s offered an opportunity to go back to Bluebell Valley, Austin knows it’s his chance to repair all the damage he’s done. One last chance to win back the heart of the girl he’s never stopped loving.

    Can Sam ever forgive him and let Austin into her heart again?

  • Heat: A Soldiers of Fortune Romance by Aubrey Irons

    0 out of 5

    Five years ago, that cocky, egotistical a**hole played me like a fool and broke my heart.

    Hudson Banks; the dominant, tattooed, womanizing, ex-Marine-turned-billionaire who runs God-knows-what at my late father’s company.

    Oh, and he’s sexy as all f**k, and he damn well knows it.

    He’s like a gasoline fire; a scorchingly hot disaster, and if I’m not careful, I’m going to get burned.

    I’m on track to be the youngest New York State Senator ever elected; the bright, gutsy, good-girl media darling. Except my campaign funding just went dry, and it looks like the only solution is coming from the last person on Earth I’d ever want to take anything from. Oh, and it turns out bad-boy, tough-guy Hudson will be shadowing me 24/7 after he makes it clear that he’s in charge of “protecting the investment”.

    Yeah, just perfect; a reckless, irresistible d*ck like Hudson Banks is the last person I need being “in charge” of anything to do with me.

    Especially when I still can’t forget the taste of his lips or the feeling of that massive hardness I know he’s packing between his legs. It’s not fair that he’s even hotter now than he was back then. It’s not fair that those smoldering, arrogant eyes and that cocky, panty-melting grin still make me warm in places they shouldn’t. And it’s definitely not fair that five years later, I still can’t get him out of my head.

    So it looks like I’ve got two races on my hands: the one for election, and the one against the burning heat threatening to tear us both apart. But on the sprint to the finish line, what happens when the man who has everything comes up against the one thing he can’t have?

    **This is a standalone, HEA novel**

  • Private Dancer by Lelani Black

    0 out of 5

    It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

    Cool and sexy Honolulu businessman, Harrison Allandt aches for his sexy-sweet fiancée to crank up the heat in the bedroom. But as he discovers the startling depths of her sensuality, he can’t help but wonder what other secrets this picture-perfect beauty is hiding.

    Hot mess or a heart of gold?

    Desperate to keep her bikini boutique from going belly-up and struggling to pay for her grandmother’s medical care, Jacinta Carr will risk anything. Even taking the stage as one of Hawaii’s hottest pole dancers.

    But when Harry finds out, he’ll name his own price – a private dance.

  • Defying Destiny by Cherron Riser

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    Cameron Burk has just broken up with his long-time girlfriend. But, determined not to miss out on the biggest event of the year, he flies solo to the senior prom. Rhyanna Paramore is onstage providing the entertainment along with her up-and-coming rock band, Defying Destiny. Cameron spends the evening entranced by Rhyanna’s talent and beauty. When they crash into each other after the dance, sparks fly. Though they come from two different worlds, their friendship quickly blossoms into romance.

    After graduation, Cameron is off to law school while Rhyanna and her band hit the road, bound for stardom. The years bring them success, though distance and stress take a toll on them both. When the pressure of her nightly performances threatens Rhyanna’s health, a dark secret comes to light.

    With their love tested, Cameron and Rhyanna must decide if their relationship is real and worth fighting for. Only by Defying Destiny can they find true happiness together.

  • Inferno by Kathryn Kelly

    0 out of 5

    I’m a rocker with the eyes of the world on me. Waiting for my triumph or my downfall…just waiting.

    Most of my life is in my hands. My destiny? That’s another story. My destiny isn’t as debt free.

    My band, Phoenix Rising, arrives in Houston to cut a new album. Before we perform our first concert in the city and I choose my groupies of the night, I’m thrust into debauchery. Sleeping with a gorgeous woman twenty years older than me has its perks, especially when her husband orchestrated the encounter and eagerly watches. To me, performing is performing. If a man wants to share his wife, who am I to stop him?

    Unfortunately for me, I don’t make a clean getaway as I leave the McCall mansion. Georgie, their sixteen-year-old daughter, is in the midst of her own intrigue, sneaking home in the middle of the night after an evening of drugs and sex with her older brother’s best friend. In her, I see me. She’s lost and drifting. Her hedonistic parents insist she’s old enough to make her own decisions. Instead of time and love, they give her money and things.

    I’m a twenty-five-year old international superstar and I know better. I’m cocky and arrogant. I know it so I own it. Somehow, I’ve always bested the fates. I have all to lose—my reputation, my career, and my freedom. Her mother’s jealousy forces my hand and I take Georgie on the tour.

    This is our story and our secret relationship and the destruction of my life. You know the adage about secrets? Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead. Wise words from a wise man. If only I had listened. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves in the harshest way.

  • Starstruck: Heartbroken in Hollywood by Naomi L. Wyatt

    0 out of 5

    Out Of This World Sex Collides With Heart-Shattering Emotion In Naomi Wyatt’s Latest Novel!

    Mimi turns a reasonable profit by baking elaborate cakes for the Hollywood elite, helping out with wrap party celebrations, important birthdays, and everything in between.

    Although things are going well in terms of business, Mimi’s love life is basically nonexistent. But after an insanely long dry spell, two amazing men enter her life.

    Chase is a gorgeous, wealthy actor who has seen a lot of mainstream success in his movie career. He radiates a cool masculinity that pairs nicely with his effortless charm. He can have any woman he wants, but he’s got his eye on Mimi.

    Tyler is a young up-and-comer in the industry, a hungry actor who has made quite the name for himself in a series of low budget science fiction movies that have attained some mainstream appeal. He senses a kindred spirit in Mimi, laying on a level of charm that she couldn’t possibly ignore even if he wasn’t so insanely attractive.

    Now the three of them must go on a journey that will involve no small amount of sizzling attraction and deeply erotic sex, but also plenty of heartbreak. Through all the ups and downs, Mimi must make an agonizing choice between two equally fantastic men!