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  • I Don’t Want to Lose Hope: One life’s journey, fight and triumph! by Nemat Kelimbetov

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    A book under a title “I Don’t Want to Lose Hope” is a very interesting piece of art, written by a Qazaq prominent writer, translator Nemat Kelimbetov.

    It is an autobiographical novel, written by Nemat Kelimbetov during his dark times. His story begins with an appeal to his wife at the time of his own physical ailment – the hero is confined to a hospital bed. For many years after an unsuccessful surgery, the author struggled with his body, which refused to obey him – a strong man in the prime of life with strong public opinion due to his illness was left alone. His illness compelled him to forget about his bright career and future and made him worry about his family: two sons and a spouse. Of course, as a result he fell into a deep #depression.

    In the literary world, many works are devoted to overcoming, but not all of them describes it in so sincere and tender manner. The form of the monologue helps the author to share with the reader the most intimate, the most important moments in his life.

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    #DontWantToLoseHope #triumph #NematKelimbetov #autobiographical #ComesBack #bestseller