Divine Walker

  • As Our Lives Intertwine by Divine Walker

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    As Our Lives Intertwine is the story of Jacob, a boy who lost his parents when he was young. He had the supernatural experience of travelling to an unnerving place after being stabbed and bled to death. It begins to dawn on him that it was the afterlife. After his parents passed away in a terrible car crash, he was taken in by Professor Walker, who was a good friend of his parents. He was like a father to him, but the Professor passed away before Jacob got the chance to tell him how much he loves him.
    Jacob met Marielle during one of his book-signing events. He knew at first sight that she’s the one who he was willing to give up the world for. But she didn’t have much time left and was bound to leave him too. He thought that he was going to lose everything. Jacob convinced himself that he will not let the same thing happen again.