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  • Becoming Faust by J.R Sutton

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    It’s like the Devil’s Advocate and Constantine meets Fifty Shades, but with a good plot.

    Wealth, fame, sex. Three different words but all share the same meaning, power. Bastian James Faust possesses all three. The City of Sin never sleeps, nor do the wicked. Journalist Atiana Halifax is about to discover this first hand when she steps into the sinful world of the famed mogul.

    Present day.

    A veil of darkness has slowly begun to shadow out the world, and the age-old battle of good versus evil has moved to a new playing field, Earth. The savage and the exiled that were forced into hiding by the light have re-emerged with the cover of night to reclaim the Earth that once was theirs. All appears bleak and lost until the fate of the world is heavily, and unexpectedly placed into the hands of a ballsy Las Vegas journalist named Atiana Halifax. Atiana embarks upon a visual journey that leads her into the sultry world and tormented past of one of the richest, most powerful men alive, Bastian James Faust, in hopes of finding the answer of how to bring back light. Can Atiana save the human race from genocide before it’s too late, and save herself from being drawn into the mysterious, sensual allure that is Bastian James?

    Along Atiana’s dangerous journey, she is introduced to a collection of different characters, and supernatural beings that expose her to a world, and culture long ignored and unseen by the human race. Some are there to aid her in her quest, and others have been sent to stop her at any cost. As Atiana delves deeper into the methodical, provocative mind, and life of Bastian James Faust, she discovers more than she expected, sympathy for the Devil.

  • Season Of The Devil: Love & Evil In Palm Beach by Pamela Southwood

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    Why Do The Top Men In The World Like Trump Always Win?

    Why Do You Think They All Go To Palm Beach To Strengthen Their Power?

    Walk A Mile In Their Louboutins And You Will Understand!

    Find Rich Men, True Love, And Keep Your Soul?

    Hit Novel From Amazon's Kindle Scout Hot & Trending List!!!

    Warning: Contents may contain shallow characters with little or no conscience, and ones that you may fear or possibly not care for. Looking for readers who are a bit wild, have a little darkness in their own life, and don't mind a handcuff from time to time…Welcome to Palm Beach!

    Kristen Winslow is beautiful, blonde, and somewhat naïve when it comes to her men. She has a knack for picking the wrong ones! She is expected to marry within her social circle; but the wealthier they are, the more secrets they have!

    Palm Beach is hiding even a bigger secret as the prestigious members of the Whitestone Country Club are running amok trying to “secure” dates for their highly anticipated Black Veil soirée. At this shadowy event it is never considered a privilege to be the Guest of Honor, and poor Kristen is perched right in the center of their sight lines. And, with these edgy millionaires, their playrooms take on a whole different meaning!

    It has been quite a quest for the young socialite while searching for her prince. She hooks up with a top executive, a Mafia nightclub owner, and a quirky New York police lieutenant, as she tries to avoid kissing all the other frogs along the way. She is also preyed upon by Robert St. Germain, a high stakes con artist who she just can't seem to escape!

    Kristen finally finds her true love but then forsakes it all for Karl, a handsome and mysterious British tycoon that she meets at a charity ball. As he lures her into his dark realm, Kristen is now unsure of exactly who is in charge of her future. Is it all just a bad dream?

    Season Of The Devil is filled with steamy romance, a hint of the supernatural, and unforgettable characters that you will swear are real!

    Its unexpected twists provide for an adventure on every page!

    Settings: Chicago, New York, Palm Beach, London

    In Palm Beach There Are Only Two Seasons.

    Hurricane Season And “His” Season…