desperate protagonist

  • Kyle The Order’s Warden by E.Zani

    0 out of 5

    A fantasy story on how a poor peasant become a well-known warden.

    What is a Warden, you ask?

    For a warden, they could buy anything they want.

    For a warden, their strength is higher compare to any magician and knight.

    For a warden, their existence is higher compare to any noble.

    And he, Kyle, a commoner without money, without fame, without family.

    For him, becoming a soldier is more than enough.

    As he is too broke, and he already tired living a poor life.

    And one day, someone gave him a chance.

    “Do you want to be a Warden?” he said.

    Damn if I don’t.

    One day, this town will recognize me, and be proud of me.

    But every opportunity will come with a test.

    And the greater the opportunity, the harder the test.

    He will scream. He will cried. He will bleed. He will be broken.

    But he will never said, “I gave up.”

    As that will lead him to his past life. A life without hope, dreams and ambition.

    P.s: If you guys want to read a genius protagonist, not some perfect Mc that always win. Or some loser Mc that is weak and always give excuse in doing something. Check out my fiction. Mc that will used all that he had to gain something.