Deena Ward

  • The Submissive’s Last Word (The Power to Please, Book 4) by Deena Ward

    0 out of 5

    The powerful conclusion to Nonnie Crawford’s remarkable journey

    Despondent and adrift, Nonnie lingers in self-enforced exile on Gibson Reeve’s estate. The daunting task of rebuilding her life seems more than she can face.

    I’d never been anywhere so magical, so perfectly easy, and maybe that was why I couldn’t make a plan, why I couldn’t move. Any plans I might make involved leaving. No one in their right mind would want to leave this place. Or these people.

    Or one powerful man in particular, a man who visited me in my dreams and called me beautiful, who touched me in a way that made me believe no one had ever humiliated or degraded me. With him I felt whole again. Maybe only with him. Maybe only here.

    Nonnie has more allies than she realizes, chief among them Gibson Reeves. His knowledge can help her heal, if only she’ll trust him and listen to some hard truths.

    Trust and truth. They’ll need both as they try to find their way back to one another, while they struggle to earn indestructible love … and when at long last, they reach to claim the ultimate power to please.

  • His Name Is Sir (The Power to Please, Book 3) by Deena Ward

    0 out of 5

    Why won’t the past stay where it belongs?

    Nonnie Crawford seeks a destiny outside society’s norms, mapping her own sexual journey into the realm of BDSM. She puts the past behind her and looks forward with a newfound sense of freedom and purpose.

    Gibson Reeves, the enigmatic businessman, refuses to be relegated to the archives of Nonnie’s story. He claims his share of her sensual narrative and leaves her confused about the fine line between aversion and attraction.

    Meanwhile, the opportunistic playboy, Michael Weston, continues to make unwanted appearances in her life. He wants her back, and her adamant refusals don’t dampen his desire.

    Nonnie’s world is about to be rocked to its core. She doesn’t know it yet, but the worst has already happened.

  • The Playboy’s Proposition (The Power to Please, Book 2) by Deena Ward

    0 out of 5

    Who says a girl can’t have it all?

    Nonnie Crawford agrees to spend five nights with Michael Weston, five nights exploring her newly-discovered fascination with BDSM and her craving to submit herself, sexually, to a powerful, dominant man.

    She wants to please the charming playboy, but Michael soon proves himself to be a stern taskmaster, pushing her further, faster than she prepared herself to go.

    Even while she is drawn more tightly into Michael’s sexual hold, she cannot forget Gibson Reeves, the man who initially set her on this sensual journey. He invades her dreams, as inscrutable and commanding in her fantasies as ever he was in real life.

    Soon enough, Nonnie will learn secrets about both men, realize that what seemed a simple decision, was not so simple after all.

    And she will have to discover the answer to a difficult question before it’s too late. How far is too far?

  • The Businessman’s Tie (The Power to Please, Book 1) by Deena Ward

    0 out of 5

    Who knows where one night of passion might lead?

    Nonnie Crawford’s disastrous marriage is over. The divorce papers are signed and she’s ready to begin a new life. Out celebrating with friends, she attracts the notice of a dark-eyed stranger. His smile is an invitation, a dare.

    She yields to her desire and when he seduces her in a back hallway of the bar, she experiences the most sensual moment of her life. She craves more of him, but he leaves without telling her his name.

    “Our kind will always find one another,” is all he says before claiming one last kiss.

    Disturbed by her unexpected submission to his demands, Nonnie tries to forget the man she dubs The Businessman. Her memories prove difficult to shake and she wonders what he meant when he said “our kind.” She decides to seek him out.

    Her search eventually takes her to a BDSM club. Nervous in the unfamiliar scene, she meets Michael Weston, a sexy charmer who is keen to sooth her apprehensions … and to seize the reins left dangling by the absent Businessman.

    Nonnie wanted her life to change, and now it is changing in ways she could never have imagined.