Decibelle Pound

  • The Spider Affair by Decibelle Pound

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    What would you do if you found yourself trapped in a web of sex and lies?

    Mitchell Grace’s erotic search for the truth spins readers through political underworlds and in and out of her lovers’ beds.

    Mitchell Grace is a private detective, emphasis on the private. She likes her own privacy, but can always be persuaded to intrude on others’, if it gets her what she wants. As a voyeur, her clients bring her sob stories of extra-marital affairs, romances and unexplained behaviour; she brings them the proof. And if the proof is something she enjoys watching? Well, so much the better.

    Mitchell’s caseload is consistent, and consistently satisfying, so when an unexpected client pushes through her office doors, she is unprepared for the journey her life is about to take.

    Caught in a web she cannot see and cannot make sense of, Mitchell seeks the support of old lovers, while evermore stumbling closer and closer to the desperate truth. Mitchell’s steamy and passion-filled relationships both ground her and send her spiralling further out of control.

    Readers of erotica, detective and crime fiction will find a fast-paced romp of a read, full of sex, smut and fun.

    From the publishers of Aotearotica, New Zealand’s first and only magazine of literary sex and sexuality, The Spider Affair is full of sex, intrigue and lust. The first of The Mitchell Grace Mysteries is sure to kindle a burning need for the rest of the series!