deborah bladon

  • Desire Part Three by Ava Alexia

    0 out of 5

    Matthew Edelston has everything a man could want. A private estate in Aruba, race horses, private jets. But now he wants Tess with her spit and vinegar attitude and all.

    Tessa Zepler comes from an oil family worth billions. But she’s a maverick trying to make it on her own as a fashion photographer.

    Will Tess’ sense of adventure keep her away from Matt. Or will Matt and Tess finally give in to their undeniable desire?

  • Dancer: A Billionaire Romance by Lexi Larue

    0 out of 5

    Guilty pleasures aren’t so guilty if nobody’s watching…Alena Roberts loses her inhibitions when secretly filling in for her best friend one night as a belly dancer at an upscale Moroccan restaurant. She meets a man who charms her into bed and may have something far more sinister in store for her. When the friend she covered for her goes missing, she must choose between love and money and will end up risking her life to find her.

    Your’e not rich until you have something money can not buy…Devon Forrester is a billionaire who can have his way with any woman he wants until he meets the alluring “Nadia”. She dances her way into his heart and mind. She is a woman who will haunt him until he sees her again.