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  • Fuck on the First Date: How to Plan Winning Dates That Lead to Sex Every Time by Benny Bastard

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    Stop wasting your precious time and hard-earned money on dates that go nowhere!

    Are you ready to start having sex with more girls than ever before, faster than ever before?

    After reading Fuck on the First Date you will be an expert in transforming pointless platonic chats into fast-paced sexual adventures.

    In this book, you will learn:

    How to fast track the entire process of courtship into a single date

    Where to take a girl on a date so that you have maximum physical contact

    How to make your date flow seamlessly, so that you “magically” end up in bed

    One simple trick that can bring awkward dates back from the dead

    How to work around a girl`s “last minute resistance” by finding her trigger points

    …and much more.

    Whether you`ve had a frustrating history of failed dates or you`re just a guy who wants to get laid even more than he already does, Fuck on the First Date will help you consistently get laid quickly and easily.

  • Turbulent Passion: Book One in the Flyboy Trilogy by G.L. Ross

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    ***This book is for ages 18 & over due to sexual content and language. NC 17***

    Captain Lance Miller has dreamt about his green eyed goddess for twenty years and has almost given up any hope of finding her, of course that hasn’t prevented him from being the biggest playboy flying with International Air, that is until he meets new hire Flight Attendant Lisa Price. The gorgeous, virginal blond is physically attracted to the tall, dark, Air Force pilot, but his egotistical, man-whore tendencies shock and frighten her naive religious upbringing. Despite a series of turbulent starts the pair cannot deny the passion sizzling between them, and once their relationship takes off, Lance cannot get enough of his curvy goddess, whereas Lisa is terrified of the consequences if she admits her feelings for Lance, so she keeps her cards close to her chest.

    Turbulent Passion is a sexy, steamy love story, with a touch of BDSM. Lance and Lisa’s love story introduces the reader to: Texas and the great city of Austin, country music, Tex-Mex food, male dominance, redemption, Air Force camaraderie, along with an ending which leaves the reader eager for book two of the Flyboy Trilogy.

  • Playing With Destiny (Latin Heat Trilogy #3) by Diane Escalera

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    Fate brought them together. Will Destiny keep them apart?

    Destiny Quinn lives for her job. She loves being an IT Recruiter, traveling nationwide. But all work and no play has left her feeling restless. It’s been a year since she’s gone out on a date — or slept with a man. Suddenly, Destiny can’t think about anything else. She’s not looking for a relationship, just a good time and a sexy diversion. One steamy night of mind-blowing pleasure, then maybe she can get back to business.

    Christian LaCosta wants to prove to his family — and himself — that he is relationship material. Lately, it seems like everyone around him is in love. Maybe it’s time to give up the fast life and fast women, quit being the odd man out. Christian decides to take the plunge and join an online dating service. When he’s unwittingly hooked up with a luscious neighbor named Destiny, the coincidence is too much. Christian doesn’t believe in fate, but one look at Destiny, and he’s seeing a whole new future. Now he must convince this career-driven beauty that work isn’t everything. Take a chance on them, and she can have it all.

    WARNING: Food Play, Hot Sex, Latin Hunk

  • The Dating Secrets Alpha Males Don’t Want You To Know by James Pierce

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    Powerful men attract the most beautiful women. Now you can experience that attraction power just like Alpha Males. The dating knowledge presented within will give men of all walks of life, the opportunity to be with the woman of their dreams, no joke. Do not purchase this book if you are unwilling to devote yourself 110% to the methods being taught. There is a formula to success when it comes to dating. You must first obtain knowledge of proven techniques, simulate confidence until it becomes your reality, gain experience through practice, and fail multiple times. True mastery of yourself and dating only comes through the correction of your failures.

  • Lucia’s Lessons of Love by Lucia Demasi

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    “Lucia’s Lessons of Love” has been called the “love manual” for single men and women. This is not your typical relationship book with long, drawn-out or complicated answers. Lucia gets to the point immediately and bottom lines each answer in a fun, easy-to-read “Q & A” format. Think of it as the “cliff notes” for love, dating and relationships.“Lucia’s Lessons of Love” answers questions like: Why is it that whenever I like someone they don’t like me, and the ones I don’t like are crazy about me? (pg.27)

    What does, “I love you but I’m not in love with you” mean? (pg.58) Shoud you compliment a woman, especially an attractive woman, when you first meet her? Ignore my advice on this at your own peril. (pg.50) What do men want? No, it’s not sex. (although they want that too) (pg.38) Where is the most romantic place on earth? (you’ll be surprised) (pg.20) Does “the one” really exist? (pg.13) Do I have to play hard to get? (pg.48) Why do I always attract the wrong people? (pg.26) What’s the fastest way to connect with someone? (Bill Clinton does it all the time) (pg.28) What does it mean when someone says they “need space”? (pg.63) What are the top three dating mistakes? (pg.31) What does it mean when a woman says “nothing” is wrong? Is it really true? You’ll stop a lot of fights by finding out the answer to this. (pg.66) When does a woman know if she wants to sleep with a man? (pg.34) What are the reasons men don’t ask a woman out? (even if they’re interested) (pg.41)

  • Lavender Days: A life-affirming Anglo-American affaire in Provence by Robin Squire

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    It started with an article he wrote for SHE magazine about his miserable experiences using dating agencies. Lavender Days is inspired by a real diary, rediscovered by an Englishman in his attic. The diary transports him back 20 years, from drab England in 2013, to an eventful hot summer in Provence with an American divorcée and her spirited young daughter. He vividly recalls his romance, the heady aroma of lavender in the air. For two people approaching midlife, disappointed in love, here was a first date to end all dates. However, she has an agenda. And why had he forced himself to forget?

  • How to Attract Men in Public: Dating Guide for Women by Kate Novak

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    The search for a perfect partner undoubtedly takes up much of the time of both man and woman. But there are times when the perfect person has been found, and the progress suddenly gets stunted – it is one thing to look for the ideal man, and an entirely different thing to get close to him. This kind of issue is familiar to almost all women except the most outward going of the kind. The author has, of course, also experienced the same issues. And like many would do in such a situation, she has also turned to various resources to resolve this concern. From friends to the Internet, to her own incisive observations of women’s and men’s actions and of various success stories, she has compiled all of what she has seen and studied into a comprehensive volume that is guaranteed to help the user solve her problem – attracting the man she loves! Her methods have helped nearly countless others. In this book, the reader will learn very basic foundations of preparing to meet the man of her dreams – both inside and outside. Step-by-step actions are outlined, complete with long term solutions. If you want to snag your man and learn the foundations of establishing a good relationship with him, this is the guide for you!

  • Pleasure by CM Deveraux

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    He’s trying to kill me.

    He’s going to kill me.

    And there’s nothing I can do to stop him.

    Ten years.

    Ten long years enduring her husband’s I’m-staying-late-at-the-office-honey-but-I’m-really-not bootie calls, and Sasha Chase is finished playing a naïve, little housewife. The marriage is over. For her. The only problem? It’s far from over for Damon.

    On the day Damon is served with divorce papers by Sasha’s hunky, ginger-haired lawyer Gideon O’Shea, Sasha knows better than to let Damon inside her house, but he sounds so desperate and broken, sobbing outside her door like a neglected child. In a moment of forgiveness, she unbolts the door, letting him in.

    What’s the worst that can happen?

  • Did She Reply Yet? The Gentleman’s Guide to Owning Online Dating (OkCupid& Match Edition) by Patrick King

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    Did She Reply Yet is the premier guide for how to succeed at online dating, without any gimmicks or sneaky pick up lines. You’ll create an amazing profile and write messages that will get you exponentially more dates than before. I show you exactly what to say and how to say it! Come read the ONLY OkCupid and Match focused books on the market!

    Patrick King has been a dating and image consultant and matchmaker since 2010, and has studied human psychology and interaction for over 10 years.

    Somewhere among the many clients throughout the years, he decided to flesh out his inner monologue on dating and human interaction, and found that he had quite a bit to say. He has a unique emotional intelligence that allows him to understand exactly what makes his clients tick and use it to their advantage.

    When he’s not helping clients conquer the online dating world, he’s either fronting an 80’s cover band, or training for his next 10k.

  • Dating for the One in Three Easy Steps by Kathryn Alice

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    Up until now, the only way to access this magical process was to take the infrequent courses Kathryn Alice occasionally offers on dating at considerable expense.

    This is the first time that this sought-after information — proven so effective — has been made available in a concise book format.

    This process is invaluable and will save you hundreds of dollars on online dating and doing unnecessary things to date successfully for your soulmate.

    In this long-awaited book by Kathryn Alice on dating, she shows you how to date for your soulmate – very different than the tortuous dating most people engage in.

    This book teaches you how to save years of your life, heartbreak and drama to date quickly into the arms of the love of your life.

    This method will show you how to:

    • conquer your fears about dating

    • turn dating into a whole new ballgame

    • date effectively to avoid hurt & wasting your time

    • “target date” for the love of your life, skipping the detours

    • have the time of your life for these, your last single days

    • eradicate rejection entirely

    • make the NEXT person you date your soulmate

    Special subjects include: breaking patterns, online dating, how to connect well no matter how introverted you are and how to interact with someone hot, who is most likely to be your soulmate.

    Kathryn’s dating classes have resulted in thousands of people breaking their tired old dating patterns and at long last, finding the love of their lives.

    This is the first time Kathryn has revealed this coveted material in a book, and it will change your whole dating outlook, as it has done for so many others.

    The three easy steps outlined here have resulted in even the shyest introvert learning to connect with someone attractive and finding love.

    This process gives you step-by-step guidelines on how to find, meet, connect with and date the love of your dreams: your soulmate.

  • Passion by CM Deveraux

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    In the complicated world of dating, twenty-nine-year-old Las Vegas realtor Jess Hudson still has a lot to learn. On the rebound yet again after walking in on her live-in boyfriend schtupping his under-aged secretary, Jess is starting to believe she’ll never find true love, not the lasting kind.

    A chance encounter leads Jess to sex and relationship therapist Veronica Fox. Veronica claims she has the ability to transform Jess from a doormat men walk all over and then discard, into the kind of woman who will finally find the kind of passionate, lasting relationship she desires.

    The question is…when Jess meets Mr. Right, will she pull it off?

  • Hunting Blondes: An Adventure In Dating by David Woolf

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    HUNTING BLONDES is an adventure into the mysterious world of dating gorgeous women. Just when you thought you knew everything about the opposite sex, a revolutionary new book comes along to change the way you think about pursuing dreamgirls within a code of honor. Technique and methodology are blended with the secrets of attraction, and the art of seduction. Dating advice for men will never be the same when a man realizes that, at heart, he’s a hunter. He seeks opportunities to meet up with blondes, and learns how to find the best hunting grounds and the most effective ways to date these beauties. Then when he’s gained the necessary skills, he comes face-to-face with her, and finds a way to prevail. So, have courage. HUNTING BLONDES will help you in your dating adventurers, and know that the “good life” awaits you… like a tiger.

  • How to Kiss – The Art of Kissing Like a Hollywood Movie Star by Leon Drake

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    You’re about to discover how to create amazing and memorable experiences for you and your partner every time. Whether you are in a relationship or single and looking to mingle, you will learn how to melt your partner in a fit of passion, desire, and lust!!

  • Jessica’s Seduction by Darren G. Burton

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    Jessica’s Seduction is an erotic romance novella and the first in a hot new series. Jessica’s mundane life as a receptionist takes a dramatic turn when Preston Frost comes to town. A successful travel and fashion photographer, self-assured Preston fills in as company head for his dad’s refrigeration business when his father takes a holiday. With his good looks and excessive charm, Preston immediately makes a play for Jessica. After resisting him adamantly at first, Jessica soon succumbs to his advances, and the desires of her body and her heart. But can she risk falling for this enigmatic playboy? Adults only 18+