dark erotic romance

  • Used by Leann Ryans

    0 out of 5

    Omegas were told it was for the good of the species, but Elise knew it was for the good of her government. They were selling her to the highest bidder.

    Not one to fight the system, she did as she was directed. She turned herself in.
    Everything she ever wanted was within her grasp, but would she lose it all before she got the chance to collect?

    This is a dark Sci-fi Omegaverse Romance. It does not have a cliffhanger, and ends with a HEA. There are triggers and situations that will make some readers to be uncomfortable, please do not read if you don’t enjoy dark romance with detailed scenes.

  • Questionable Intentions: Nine Dark & Dangerous Men by Multiple Authors by Multiple Authors

    0 out of 5

    This collection features nine stories of dark and dangerous men from a mix of bestselling authors and hot new talent. It will only be available for 90 days.

    Whether he wears a suit or full leather, you know he has questionable intentions. He’s darkly seductive, and though he isn’t good for you, that doesn’t matter when he’s holding you in his arms. You want him regardless of the risks or the costs.

    So take him now, before he takes you…and get all these bad boys for just $0.99 for a limited time.


    Redemption (Sons of Flame MC) by Ashley Rhodes

    Sweet by R.E. Saxton

    Obsessed by Terry Towers

    Devil’s Ride by Clementine Roux

    Trapped In His World by Stella Noir and Roxy Sinclaire

    Hysteria by Michaela Wright

    The Dark Doctor by Stella Noir and J.B. Duvane

    In the Dark by Vivian Cove

    Untouched by Morgan Black

  • Sweet: A Dark Love Story by R.E. Saxton

    0 out of 5

    This full-length short novel, with no cliffhangers and a happy ending, is just $0.99 for a limited time.

    Justice failed, but revenge is sweet…

    Six years ago, Declan lost his wife and unborn child to a heinous crime, and the man responsible was let off on a technicality. He’s spent six years planning his revenge, and denied the pleasure of destroying the long-dead murderer, he’s turned his attention to the man’s daughter. She’ll pay for her father’s sins, and revenge will be sweet.

    After a lifetime of disappointments, Katriona shouldn’t be surprised when the vacation she’s supposedly won ends up making her a captive to Declan, a man she’s never forgotten—a man now determined to claim her and use her in his twisted pursuit of vengeance. Knowing his intentions, it shouldn’t be difficult to fight him, but with his every touch, and every mark he leaves on her as a sign of his possession, she falls deeper under his spell and into the darkness inside her.

    Pleasure is nice, but pain is even sweeter, and love is the ultimate agony…

    This novel has content some readers might find objectionable. It is a dark romance with dark themes. If that isn’t your preferred reading material, this probably isn’t the book for you. If you like a possessive, deeply (emotionally) scarred alpha male with revenge on his mind and the dark urge to possess his woman in every way possible, spend some time with Declan. He’s pretty sweet deep down…very deep down.

  • Mafia: A Collection of Dark Love Stories by R.E. Saxton

    0 out of 5

    This four-book collection is just $0.99 for a limited time (or free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited).

    Meet Patrick, Shane, Cormac, and Alexei. They’re an integral part of their city and intimately involved with the mafia. Only one thing can weaken such powerful men, and it comes in the feminine form of the women who bring them to their knees. If you don’t like possessive, over-the-top alphas with control issues, this might not be the collection for you. If you enjoy reading about alphas who fall crazily, desperately, and obsessively in love, prepare to meet these men of the Mafia.

  • Alexei: A Mafia Love Story by R.E. Saxton

    0 out of 5

    Available at an introductory price of $0.99 for a limited time.

    Ordinary Tara Noland leads a boring existence until she sees something she was never meant to observe. Head of the Russian mafia in his city, Alexei Varnakov can’t let her go after she witnesses him murdering an underling. He should follow the code of the vory v zakone and eliminate her, but he can’t. Instead, he decides to keep the fiery redhead. It’s the only way she can stay alive, but she’s defiant and fights him at every turn. He can break his little fox with passion, but can he ever win her trust?

    This is a full-length short novel of approximately 50,000 words with a happy ending and no cliffhangers.

    This story contains violence and sexual situations some readers might find objectionable. If you don’t like darker erotic romances, this mafia romance might not be the book for you. However, if you enjoy a possessive Alpha male who takes what he wants despite a defiant woman determined to resist him, wickedly dark acts meant to break resistance, and rough (but consensual) sex, get ready to meet “Alexei.”

  • Shane: A Mafia Love Story by R.E. Saxton

    0 out of 5

    Special introductory price of $0.99 only available for a limited time.

    As captain of an Irish mafia crew, Shane has everything he wants. Money, women, and power. He can have anything, except the one woman with whom he’s obsessed. Mia Kasilli, daughter of a Russian kingpin, wants nothing to do with that lifestyle. When he can no longer be without her, he orchestrates a series of actions that leave her father in his debt and Mia in his power. He’s dark and dangerous, the embodiment of everything she doesn’t want in a man, so why does she crave him so much? She’ll fight him every step of the way, but how will she fight herself?

    This is a full-length novel (75,000 words) without cliffhangers. It includes a bonus short story at the end.

    This story contains violence, rough sex, and sexual situations some readers might find objectionable. If a hot mafia man driven to any lengths to possess the woman he wants isn’t your thing, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this book. However, if you like a dark, Alpha, possessive man with a tender core deep down, who will do anything for the woman he loves, including kidnapping, going to war with rival mafia, protecting her from her enemies, and fighting through her resistance to change her perceptions, get ready to meet “Shane.”

  • Billionaire in the Dark by Eden Claire

    0 out of 5

    My name is Kaylie Flanders, and maybe you heard my story. I was held captive by a psychopath for a decade; six years ago, I escaped. Freedom, though, is harder than I thought it would be.

    The only place I feel truly alive is inside the darkness of Club Shamballa. In the shadows of the club, I meet a masked stranger with piercing green eyes, a body chiseled to perfection, and a magic touch.

    No name.

    No voice.

    No face.

    I can’t see him, I can’t hear him—yet he touches me in ways no one else has before.

    Who is Mask, and what is he hiding? Can we heal our broken pasts together?

    BILLIONAIRE IN THE DARK is the first installment of the BILLIONAIRE IN THE DARK series, a romantic suspense series full of steam, tortured souls, and twists and turns.