dark ages

  • The Mercenary: A Historical Gay Erotica Romance by Sam Knight

    0 out of 5

    There’s something about Christian, the man who hired Aiden as a mercenary, that gets Aiden’s pulse pounding. Aiden’s never felt this way about anyone, which says a lot about his employer: a beautiful, svelte, and dominating merchant. Tasked with protecting his patron from Byzantine knights, clever assassins, and the fierce winter wilderness, the odds are stacked against them.

    Even as a hardened mercenary, Aiden finds himself dropping his guard. Is he just a disposable human shield to his employer?

    Christian is a merchant of pleasure who deals in novel drugs, taboo sex, and other unique experiences and is now on the run from powerful enemies who want him dead. But he’s been lying so long about every aspect of his life that it’ll take more than a strong hand to help him escape his many demons. Will the growing loyalty of a lone mercenary be enough?

    *Please note: The Mercenary is over 19,000 words and contains very explicit situations occurring between consenting adults; it is intended for a mature (18+) audience. Reader discretion is advised; but reader pleasure is encouraged.