Darius Night

  • Loving Cuckold: Dominant Bull for Her Birthday by Darius Night

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    Sarah expected her locked, submissive husband to treat her with a mind-blowing birthday present. But what she got exceeded even her wildest dreams.

    Sarah and Michael had been living in a loving femdom relationship for a long time. She held the key to his chastity belt and he worshiped her every chance he got. They had dabbled with cuckolding but something was still missing.

    Sarah didn’t want just a new lover. She wanted to be taken and used by a strong, dominant bull. She wanted to be made to submit to an alpha male who knew how to lead and bend her to his will.

    Sean was exactly what they had been looking for—an assertive dom with experience from cuckold couples. There was only one problem. Sean wanted full authority over them both.

    How far was Michael ready to go to treat his mistress? Deep down, he knew this was what Sarah yearned for. If he wanted to make his wife’s fantasy come true, he would have to let Sean take charge and put him on his knees.