Darcy Davis

  • The Secret of Your Mind by Darcy Davis

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    ★★★Are you looking for self-improvement books to change your life?★★★
    ♥♥♥You can have a positive way of life! ♥♥♥
    Do you know that self-help books(personal development, spirituality books) to spark your soul, to open your mind and transform your life?
    Darcy believes not only in the book, she believes in you and overthinking everything with your action plan.
    Sometimes everyone needs motivation and inspiration.
    ★”Moving forward” is the best habit of successful people. But you cannot do this without negativity’s best life lessons. ★

    When you change your mind, your life will follow. After reading the motivational book “The Secret of Your Mind”, you can answer the questions:
    ✔Why do we do what we do, and how do we change?
    ✔How do you train your brain for happiness and success?
    ✔How can you keep positive thoughts in balance with negativity?
    ✔How can you keep happy thoughts about life?
    ✔How can the book of self-help mental health help you?
    ✔How can you change your mindset?
    ✔How can you stop worrying and start living?
    ✔How can you avoid expending energy on controlling thoughts?
    ✔How can you direct all of your power to the movement that best develops you?
    ✔Why can’t you live in the past in the changing new world?
    How can you always think positively? You cannot! It is a lie. Instead, Darcy suggests saying, “How can you create harmony in your head?”
    ✔The thought that we must control our positive and negative thinking makes us unhappy!

    ①There are many myths about positive thinking that do not make people healthy, happy, or successful.
    This book busts those myths and offers an alternative, more realistic, and truthful view about positive thinking. If you make repeated attempts to stay positive, but it does not yield the promised results, then it’s time to look at positivity from a new perspective.
    ②By pointing out flaws associated with the way positive thinking is touted, this book offers you a chance to recalibrate yourself and embrace all thoughts—the negative and the positive.
    ③Tell yourself, “I want a happy life,” and start to express gratitude and stay in the present while allowing yourself to feel your emotions.
    ④Then be sure to move on! Do not be afraid of mistakes! Get out of your head that you must always be successful. All you have to do is to live! Unfuck yourself!
    The desire to control thoughts takes precious energy and time, and if this continues, you may begin to struggle like a hamster on a wheel while not achieving your goals.

    ♥If you want to accept yourself as nature created and intended—accepting both the positive and negative—then this book is for you.♥