Daniel Wright

  • The Thornwood Plot by Daniel Wright

    0 out of 5

    A fantasy spy thriller adventure, a cross between James Bond and epic fantasy. (Or if John Le Carre wrote Game of Thrones). Here’s the blurb: “In an era of tension and turmoil, when the balance of power between kingdoms, duchies and empires is in constant flux, Omen Altier, Knight Paragon of the Ashenian Order, is sent forth on a mission of the gravest peril. The young knight’s task: to infiltrate deep into a hostile nation, and kidnap a traitor to crown and country and see to his safe return. His compatriots for this assignment include the cynical but more experienced Sir Jav and the naive Lady-in-Waiting Adica, their mark’s former servant. In an ancient city of secrets and shadows they must navigate a web of deceit that threatens to consume them. Alone and far from home, they are beset by dangers both from without … and within.THE THORNWOOD PLOT is a wicked adventure set in a world filled with danger, betrayal and temptation that takes the reader on wild ride until the very end! This book is definitely a must have!”