D. Barger

  • An Invitation to Ecstasy by D. Barger

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    On the verge of her thirtieth birthday, accountant Meri’s roommate receives an invitation that will change her life forever. The party of the year with very simple rules, no drugs, no alcohol, and don’t use your real name, an orgy where every sexual fantasy can be realized. She spends a passion filled night in the arms of a stranger. When faced with the reality of, who she gave her virginity to. Past insecurities cause her walk out on him.

    Dot com billionaire Ash was jaded, but something about Meri made him long for things, he had never wanted before. He wanted to experience everything with her, to guide her. They are torn apart when a misunderstanding leads to betrayal. Ash will do whatever it takes to earn her trust.

    When jealousy and tragedy threaten to keep them apart forever, will they find ecstasy in each other’s arms?