• Bearly Breathing by Kit Tunstall

    0 out of 5

    Shy and curvy Breanna is used to being overlooked, minimized, and ignored. She’s grown up in the suffocating household of her old-money parents and done her best to please them. Even her musical talent failed to do that, so she agreed to marry a man of their choosing in a last desperate bid to win their approval. Just weeks before the wedding, she runs away, knowing she can’t marry someone she doesn’t love. As she flees to her friend in Canada, she wrecks her car in the mountains. Rafe, the man who rescues her, is a bear-shifter wintering in his cabin. Snowed in together, the passion flares between them, and he soon realizes she is his mate. To keep him, Breanna will have to accept all of him—and stand up for her right to make her own decisions.

  • Finding Fatherhood Bundle by Kit Fawkes

    0 out of 5

    In the Finding Fatherhood series, these shifters become daddies in unconventional ways.

  • Jingle Bell Howl by Misha Carver

    0 out of 5

    When I headed up into the mountains to spend Christmas skiing with my friends, I never thought it would turn out like this…

    When reckless Laney Reynolds defies her parents and steals her mother’s car to go on a ski trip for Christmas vacation, things spiral out of control quickly. Can Nate, the handsome and charming billionaire wolf shifter save her from herself and the forces that threaten to harm her?

  • The Christmas Reunion by Misha Carver

    0 out of 5

    I still love you… That’s why I’m still so angry with you after all these years…

    Bad boy billionaire supermarket tycoon Grayson Lawrence keeps himself so wrapped up in business that life keeps passing him by. For the first time in years, he’s returning home to Cherry Valley to enjoy Christmas with his family while he conducts some business on the side. The one person he hopes he won’t run into… the one person he can’t face is his old high school sweetheart.

    Famous movie star, Sydney Silverlake talks her way out of rehab early to return to the set of a major production. When the going gets tough, Sydney decides a good old fashioned holiday season with her family might be exactly what she needs. Returning home to Cherry Valley she looks forward to a much needed vacation from the limelight… as long as she doesn’t run into the man she despises most.

    Will Grayson and Sydney spend the holidays together or will they each find happiness in the arms of another? Personalities clash, stocks plummet, and Christmas parties rock in this heart warming second chance holiday romance novella.

  • Sleeping With the Enemy by Alexis Adaire

    0 out of 5

    Deskbound CIA technician Anna Mercer dreams of more excitement in her job and her love life. She gets both when a one-night stand she meets in a dive bar inadvertently gets her recruited to a special division of the Agency.

    Anna must learn to use her wits AND her curves to complete high-level missions that often involve intimacy with dangerous targets. Complicating matters is Ryan Demarco, a fellow covert operative who is as breathtakingly sexy as he is arrogant, and try as she might, Anna just can't resist mixing spy-business with alpha-male pleasure.

    Self-sufficient Anna is caught by surprise, however, when her heart gets tangled up and things begin to spin out of control.

    Alexis Adaire is the master of strong female protagonists, and “Sleeping With the Enemy” is an amusement park thrill-ride of daring espionage, heart-tugging romance and steamy sex.

  • Bearing His Burden (A BBW Billionaire Shifter Romance) by Jenna Wilde

    0 out of 5

    For bear shifter billionaire, Sebastian Lindthorpe, life couldn’t be more perfect. With a beautiful home, more money than he can spend and a stunning wife who he adores more than anything else in the world, he’s lulled into a false sense of security until a pack of wolves hell bent on revenge turn up at his mansion throwing the tranquil life he worked so hard to build into jeopardy.

    When curvy beauty Kim married her perfect man after a whirlwind romance she had no idea about the secret he harboured or who he really was but a shock attack sends them both on the run and threatens to unveil everything she thought she knew about the man who has her heart.

    He’s determined to protect her, but afraid of the beast he might unleash and she’s promised to love him unconditionally, but will his hidden secrets be more than she can bear.

    Was previously released as A Burden To Bear

  • Bear King of Emerald City by Kit Fawkes (Kit Tunstall)

    0 out of 5

    In Seattle for her best friend’s wedding, curvy Grace is immediately attracted to the best man, Kingston Meade. He’s equally interested in her, especially since his bear insists she is their mate. The attraction is undeniable, but she still doesn’t know he’s a polar bear shifter. There’s also the added problem of leucistic panther-shifter Ashley, who is determined to get her claws into Kingston, and she’s willing to slash Grace out of his life to do it. Will the bear king of Emerald City win and keep his curvy human queen?

    A standalone novella with no cliffhangers.

  • The Pretty (An Alpha MMA Paranormal Romance) by Darlene Jacobs

    0 out of 5


    Book 1 of 3 In A Series

    There is no man he can’t beat, and no woman he can’t bed.

    Meet Bad Boy Roman; also known as, THE PRETTY.

    A light-heavyweight MMA fighter known for his crippling blows in the ring, Roman got his nickname, The Pretty, for dominating the ring without a scratch to his face.

    Roman has a following of men who want to bask in his presence, and women who only want a piece of The Pretty…

    …the highly endowed piece.

    What Roman wants, Roman gets.

    That is until secretive, curvy-sensation, Tuesday came along. An Ivy Leaguer who has taken over the gym management after her uncle’s passing. Her tastes are platinum, standards high, her secrets, many.

    The Pretty assumed Tuesday would be just another easy lay. He thought wrong. This one was a ‘tough to impress’ bitch, and that made him want her even more.

    Finally, a crack in her stone-cold veneer gives Roman hope. But what happens next defies the laws of the universe and the rules of love and lust.

  • Sold to the Alpha: A BBW Wolf-Shifter Romance by Cara Wylde

    0 out of 5

    This complete edition contains all 6 books of Sold to the Alpha. It’s the full story of sexy, curvaceous Avelyn and her hot Alpha, Max Blackmane. No cliffhangers!

    Avelyn is a shifter bride, which means she has been raised and educated to become the wife of a shape-shifter and bear his children. The problem is that she doesn’t want to accept this fate. She will do everything in her power to gain her freedom and build a new life far away from shape-shifters and what society expects of her.

    Alpha werewolf Max Blackmane is in search of a bride. When he comes to Alma Venus Boarding School, one of the best schools for shifter brides in the world, he is determined to buy a young woman who would bring him political advantages. However, when he sees Avelyn, his plans are turned upside down. He can’t imagine his life without her.

    Avelyn uses every trick to convince Max to buy another bride. It doesn’t matter that his perfect body and smooth voice make her weak in the knees. She has a dream, and her dream does not include a wolf-shifter who thinks he can simply own her because the peace treaty between humans and shape-shifters says so.