• Loving Cuckold: Dominant Bull for Her Birthday by Darius Night

    0 out of 5

    Sarah expected her locked, submissive husband to treat her with a mind-blowing birthday present. But what she got exceeded even her wildest dreams.

    Sarah and Michael had been living in a loving femdom relationship for a long time. She held the key to his chastity belt and he worshiped her every chance he got. They had dabbled with cuckolding but something was still missing.

    Sarah didn’t want just a new lover. She wanted to be taken and used by a strong, dominant bull. She wanted to be made to submit to an alpha male who knew how to lead and bend her to his will.

    Sean was exactly what they had been looking for—an assertive dom with experience from cuckold couples. There was only one problem. Sean wanted full authority over them both.

    How far was Michael ready to go to treat his mistress? Deep down, he knew this was what Sarah yearned for. If he wanted to make his wife’s fantasy come true, he would have to let Sean take charge and put him on his knees.

  • Date Night ( Daddy’s princess erotic romance) by Silver Vixen

    0 out of 5

    — Sometimes watching IS the action —

    Eastern-European bombshell Sveta always gets attention. Men are prone to turning into puddles at her feet—a bore. However, when a real man, Chris—a connoisseur of many things—becomes her latest devotee, she finds him wholly irresistible.

    Though otherwise superlative, Chris proves to still have hang-ups from his prior marriage. Something’s wrong. Will intimacy hinge upon a kink that’s just too wild for Sveta?

    As they say, two’s company . . . but maybe three’s just right.

    Intense attraction, honesty, and playfulness will intertwine throughout this most delicious date replete with untold firsts.

    If you enjoy short steamy stories without errors stopping the momentum and minimal profanity, this standalone book with a storyline, unapologetic sex scenes, no cliffhangers, and HEA is your kind of read.

    All characters are consensual adults in Erotica Wonderland.

  • Size Matters by Paul Garland

    0 out of 5

    The Cuckold Collection 1: Size Matters
    Amy and her husband Adam have a problem. A small problem, you might say; Adam’s smaller than average penis. Amy hasn’t ever been with anyone but Adam so she’s naive when it comes to the variance in men’s penis sizes, but when a twist of fate opens her eyes to bigger and better men, she and Adam have to come to terms with the fact that he can no longer satisfy her in the way she desires, and so a series of events begin to happen which will take them both on an erotic journey. Amy wants to reach new sexual heights and pleasures beyond anything she’s experienced before, but Adam’s route along this same adventure involves him having to accept his wife having sex with other men and he has to learn to deal with the humiliation and angst that comes with that.

    The Cuckold Collection is a new series of six books from author Paul Garland, that ventures into the sensuality and excitement of the cuckolding and hotwife lifestyles.

  • A Cuckold’s Tale: Jessica’s Interracial Cheating Obsession by A.I. Robertson

    0 out of 5

    In the past, Frank’s wife Jessica had a thing for black men and shortly after they were married he caught her in the act of cheating on him in their own house. Even though it scarred him deeply he forgave her and they made it work. But now, years later the signs of her infidelity have returned.

    The questions come at him hard and relentless. Is it all in his head or is there something to his suspicions? Is she cheating on him and if she is why does it make him feel more aroused than jealous? Why does he feel excited rather than hurt? Is it the end of their marriage? Or could it be the beginning of something more? Frank’s decision of whether or not to confront his wife and what comes later will change their lives forever.

    A heated tale of an interracial cuckolding relationship and how one couple deals with it when their fantasies become real.

  • Cuckolded by the Hotwife Dominatrix by Crystal Archer

    0 out of 5

    Dominatrix Ashley gets what she wants…

    Ashley and her submissive husband Tim have been unsuccessful trying to conceive for years. And the stress of returning to school hasn’t helped. Ashley refuses to take it lying down, and fate has been a cruel mistress.

    With a group project due in the morning, hotwife Ashley’s two college athlete partners come over to finish the job.

    But she has a plan to take control of her pleasure and fulfill her desires, even if her husband is bound and humiliated in the process.