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  • A Cuckold’s Tale: Jessica’s Interracial Cheating Obsession by A.I. Robertson

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    In the past, Frank’s wife Jessica had a thing for black men and shortly after they were married he caught her in the act of cheating on him in their own house. Even though it scarred him deeply he forgave her and they made it work. But now, years later the signs of her infidelity have returned.

    The questions come at him hard and relentless. Is it all in his head or is there something to his suspicions? Is she cheating on him and if she is why does it make him feel more aroused than jealous? Why does he feel excited rather than hurt? Is it the end of their marriage? Or could it be the beginning of something more? Frank’s decision of whether or not to confront his wife and what comes later will change their lives forever.

    A heated tale of an interracial cuckolding relationship and how one couple deals with it when their fantasies become real.

  • Cuckolded by the Hotwife Dominatrix by Crystal Archer

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    Dominatrix Ashley gets what she wants…

    Ashley and her submissive husband Tim have been unsuccessful trying to conceive for years. And the stress of returning to school hasn’t helped. Ashley refuses to take it lying down, and fate has been a cruel mistress.

    With a group project due in the morning, hotwife Ashley’s two college athlete partners come over to finish the job.

    But she has a plan to take control of her pleasure and fulfill her desires, even if her husband is bound and humiliated in the process.