Cryptic Fawn

  • Claimed by the Demon Knight: Book One by Cryptic Fawn

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    Young Witch Elsi Rhoads is tired of saving humanity. In her mind, ending the war between Heaven and Hell had been enough to earn her the right to live a normal, college girl life.

    Unfortunately, Tenuxhal, the only Demon Knight to have survived the war, has other plans. Enraged at the humiliation that Elsi had delivered during the battle, he injures and kidnaps her for one last fight to the death. Now, Elsi must struggle to regain her powers before the cannibalistic demon can take his revenge.

    As the two prepare for their epic battle, one new issue arises to complicate their lives – an irrational, yet utterly undeniable attraction.

    Claimed by the Demon Knight: Book One is the first entry in the Demon Knight trilogy. It contains strong sexual themes, adult language and violence. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

    This novella is approximately 27k words in length.