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  • ZIGGY POPPER AT LARGE: A Crime Noir Single of Mayhem & Debauchery by Kirk Alex

    0 out of 5

    Not exactly down and out, but close enough, Ex-con Ziggy Popper was sitting in a dive of a bar in East Hollywood minding his own business and nursing a beer when the loser walked in and parked his skinny ass on the stool next to him with an offer that nearly causes Ziggy to spill his Schlitz: Would he get it on with his wife . . . ?–– If he was paid, of course.

    I looked at the guy, not too long––turds like this I was used to. So he couldn’t get it up, tired of banging the same pussy, and admitted to both.

    “What’s she look like?” I asked.

    The color photo in his wallet was old and worn, dog-eared. Woman was lying face down on a brass bed, nothing on but a blindfold. She had turned her head back to look at the camera, but that blindfold and ball-gag in her craw made it difficult to make out what she looked like.

    “I don’t know, man,” I said.

    “She’s not bad looking,” he said. “Take my word for it. Got a nice body, good legs. A blind man could see it. Takes care of herself.”

    “How old?” I said.


    I was thinking. And when he produced two twenties, that helped my thinking along. I stuffed the dough in my pocket.

  • Nemesis – John Kane’s revenge by Bill Carson

    0 out of 5

    Nemesis is a story about payback and revenge, John Kane wants to put things right after the deaths of two loved one’s. Nemesis crime thriller – John Kane’s Revenge.

    Sequel to Necessary Evils. This book is packed with action and intrigue as John Kane sets out to ‘put things right’ in his own inimitable fashion.

    John Kane’s world has been destroyed by the deaths of two loved one’s and he is now hell bent on some payback, “I will bring their whole evil establishment down upon their shameful heads!” He proclaims. However he is not the only one out for revenge, and there are sinister dark forces at work who are determined to put an end to him once and for all.

  • The Bare Knuckle Fighter by Daniel Kenyon

    0 out of 5

    Dreams, reality and superstition cross paths and merge, yet everything seems to have a perfectly reasonable explanation. Creativity and destruction clash and explode in a tale of Gypsies, Travellers, fighting men, a lone painter, a Romany bride to be, an impossible love story, and a family curse… if you believe in that kind of thing. The perfect novel for hardened sceptics with an open mind who love stretched reality, turbo paced action, and strange, dark, ironic humour.

    “To be a fighter you must be able to take real pain.

  • The Mistress (An Adult Mystery Erotica) by J.E. & M. Keep

    0 out of 5

    “I know I shouldn’t be so curious about you, but you make it so tantalizing to know more.”


    Eva Perkins is a beautiful and educated student of Freud. She’s lusted after by her professors, and has no qualms about seducing them. Especially if it helps her future career.

    When her favourite lover, Dr. Gregory Sinclair, invites her to his wife’s lavish soiree, she’s only too excited to run off with him after the meal for some adult fun.


    She can still taste her lover’s mouth on her when she finds his wife’s body lying in the snow. Dr. Sinclair would never let her stumble across something so horrific if he were the culprit, but with a house bustling with people, who can she trust? As Dr. Sinclair is led away in handcuffs, Eva is the only one that can prove his innocence. However, it will involve revealing their affair, and give Dr. Sinclair a potential motive.


    Each passing second gives the murderer more time to cover their tracks, and to keep her silent. Darkness lurks in the hearts of her colleagues and professors, and the more she learns, the more urgent her search for the killer becomes. Her life depends on it.

    Eva Perkins is a smart female protagonist who will stop at nothing to clear her lover’s name. This sexy thriller will keep you gripping your seat and clenching your thighs with its heart-pounding suspense and breath quickening sex.

    An action-packed and very racy mystery novel set in the flapper era. For lovers of romantic suspense.

  • Atlantic City Nazi by Charles Frankhauser

    0 out of 5

    Before WWII a Nazi spy (a showgirl) feigns interest in a poor lonely young man living with nearly destitute musicians playing a gig in a rundown bar in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Ruby entices him with several capers yielding pocket change from pushcarts on the Boardwalk to romance under the Boardwalk in an effort to lure him into espionage with her spy ring. RC succumbs to her charms and the rest is history including a tragic plot involving the Hindenburg’s arrival at Lakehurst Naval Air Station. RC and his new companions travel by boat from Atlantic City to Key West while conducting a beach survey for the German General Staff. Ruby is recalled to Germany leaving RC with a boatload of cash to purchase booze to improve the morale of U-Boat crews on long deployments along America’s coastline. A US sailor mentions payday loans and the start of an illegal banking industry takes hold using German owned American money. RC rises in terms of wealth and social status. Newport weddings and scrapes with the FBI generate thrills and adventure.

  • Blood Web by Gary Starta @scifiauthorGary

    0 out of 5

    Deep within a Colorado cave, a teen drifter discovers an arrowhead shaped crystal harboring an evil sentience. Acting as the crystal?s host, the boy is endowed with psychic powers and extreme rage. He embarks on a cross country mission, eager to exact revenge for crimes committed more than a century ago; able to track his intended victims through a biological conduit.

    Caitlin Diggs became the FBI?s top agent by being brazen and unconventional, but her experience and training had not prepared her for this new enemy, a murderous teenager whose twisted union with a crystal has spawned a biological internet threatening all of humanity.

    A trail of bodies leads Agent Diggs to a terrible conclusion; to halt the murders, she must take control of the crystal herself. But Diggs is not herself. Plagued by nightmares of her partner and lover?s murder, she has revenge issues of her own. Can she come to terms with her vengeful lust and stop the killer? Or will she be lured into the crystal?s blood web?

  • Kindred Killers by Gary Starta @scifiauthorGary

    0 out of 5

    Homicide Detective Stanford Carter uses Zen meditation to deal with the gruesome crimes of humanity. But his composure is severely tested when an unfaithful husband and stripper are not only murdered but showcased for their immoral lives. To test his mettle further, department policy is jeopardizing his romance with his CSI colleague Jill Seacrest. Marrying colleagues is prohibited and Carter must either end his romance or have Jill put in for transfer. The private detective hired by the family of the victims becomes the only suspect. Carter theorizes someone with knowledge in law enforcement is responsible for leaving clean but disturbing crime scenes. Further investigation leads him to believe a pair of killers might be working as serials. As Jill goes undercover to investigate the PI’s social life, Carter fears he might not only fail to stop the vigilante killings but lose the love of his life.

  • Extreme Liquidation by Gary Starta @scifiauthorGary

    0 out of 5

    Black magic threatens humanity with Extreme Liquidation. The only thing preventing occultist Aleister Crowley from ascension is reincarnation. Trapped in human form again, he’s manipulating political events to bring about the End Times and achieve what he believes to be his true destiny. FBI Agent Caitlin Diggs has a secret gift that could stop him, but Crowley’s no ordinary enemy. He knows something she doesn’t, and tampers with her ability, twisting it to serve his own agenda. Will she uncover the truth in time to save all mankind?