Coyote Heart

  • Coyote Heart by Paula Margulies

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    Trapped in a troubled marriage with a disabled husband, Carolyn Weedman is ripe for a change in her life. After a chance encounter with a widowed Pala Indian professor, Carolyn finds herself drawn into an unexpected love affair. Torn by conflicting feelings, she discovers a secret about her husband’s past that forces her to confront her divided emotions and choose between the two men that she loves.

    Set against the simmering backdrop of local politics on the Pala Indian Reservation in San Diego, this new and revised edition of Coyote Heart explores the intricacies of illicit love and marriage, the strength that comes from sacrifice, and the courage to forgive the injuries of the past.

    Editor’s Choice Award Winner, 21st Annual San Diego State University Writers’ Conference

    Spring Into Romance Contest Finalist, Romance Writers of America – San Diego Chapter

    Santa Fe Writer’s Project Finalist, Literary Awards Program