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  • A Fresh Touch: A Trilogy of Erotic Stories by Janet Lynn by Janet Lynn

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    When Hannah went in for a massage after work, she had no idea she’d find herself seducing the younger massage boy… let alone that soon they’d have a tryst in her public office, or that she would learn dark new secrets in the bedroom. But every time she saw Jackson, things just kept getting more and more interesting…

    There’s a little of something for everyone in this trilogy of erotic stories (>16,000 words). From a massage-room cougar seduction, to a risky office scene, and finally to a good old-fashioned tied-to-the-bedposts spanking, follow the evolution of Hannah and Jackson’s complicated but satisfying relationship from an indecent proposal to a budding friendship.

    With benefits.

    This combined set includes the first three parts of the Fresh Touch series (“A Fresh Touch,” “Touched Again,” “The Magic Touch”). These stories contain explicit erotic material, including some light BDSM and humiliation. They are suitable only for adult audiences. If you think any of that would offend you, then please do not read these. If, on the other hand, any of that excites you, then these are the perfect read for you tonight.