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  • AMID THE CHAOS by Nathan H. Mogos by Nathan H. Mogos

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    Some people call Eritrea the “North Korea of Africa.” But to two friends Chenkelo and Misghe, it is home.

    In the picturesque capital of Asmara, these two educated young men are forced to choose between poverty and hustle as they hide from a national service conscription that would send them to the front lines. Charismatic Misghe is a charmer, a philosopher, and a loving son who is capable of having any woman in the city. But he’s about to flee his oppressive homeland—putting his longtime friendship with Chenkelo at stake.

    Chenkelo is a consummate hustler, resentful of his lot but in love with his city and his country. He has a poet’s heart whose passion will soon fuel activism and a belief that Eritrea’s beloved national project can yet be saved.

    Caught between the temptation of the Western dream and duty to their stagnated nation, Misghe and Chenkelo epitomize and transcend the trials and tribulations of an entire African generation. Amid the Chaos depicts the unflinching reality of a restless Eritrea in search of a meaning.