Contemporary Womens Fiction

  • Dolphins for Sale by Jill Boon

    0 out of 5

    Pamela has been a good wife, devoted and willing to make her marriage work. Then her husband, Glen, is killed in a road accident and her world changes forever. A flirtation with her boss, Jeff, introduces her to passion and a chance meeting with a total stranger awakens her hidden feelings. Can she break off this affair with Jeff and concentrate on her mother who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer?
    Coming from burying her mother, Jeff fires her. Sweet revenge?
    Her life goes from bad to worse. Her son Shaun is injured at school. As she nurses her son, Pamela goes through her late husband, Glen’s old things and discovers he had a secret life
    Was Glen killed?
    Her son shows her an advert saying: DOLPHINS FOR SALE. Pamela travels to The Isle of Man intending to buy the dolphins. But fate had a surprise waiting for her. There, she discovers a world of death-defying bikers, octane junkies.
    Will Pamela find happiness here or discover this world too hot to handle?

  • Intermezzo – Three Lusty Stories by Ida Tornovski

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    Ida Tornovski’s short story collection is told with dry wit and humor, sprinkled with a generous dose of skepticism about that romantic notion called Love. The three satires—Interludes, Intermezzo, and Intercourse—are sophisticated sexy stories about Life, Lust and Love.

    Interludes are dating spoofs of one woman’s trysts and tribulations with would-be and has-been lovers whose actions and reactions are lacking a certain truthfulness and romance.

    Intermezzo takes place in 1965 the spy-laced Vienna of the Cold War era. Three sexy adults role-play with humorous romance turning into fantasy, jealousy and betrayal. They call it Love. As the action takes place in a hotel across from the Vienna Opera house, the conclusion of this parody is reinforced by the last words of Leoncavallo’s ‘Pagliacci’.

    Intercourse explores dictionary definitions of the very word that evokes such titillating imagery. A girl with the unfortunate name of Fata Morgana morphs from a shy and pimply cygnet into a nubile swan. This is achieved only via teenage angst and the learning curve from three other young women. While their fancy Swiss academy is an all-girl school there is Paolo, the young Italian gardener.

  • Shatter My Rock by Greta Nelsen

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    From the ashes of a traumatic upbringing, forty-six-year-old Claire Fowler has forged an idyllic life in an affluent Rhode Island enclave with her college-sweetheart husband, Tim, and their ten-year-old daughter, Ally. Even the family dog is convinced he’s arrived at the sweet spot of life.

    But things are about to change.

    When a last-minute business trip sends Claire to Cincinnati with her hypersexual subordinate, she is vexed but resigned. And when a vicious migraine sends her to a saggy hotel bed and him to the marketing conference in her place, she is first relieved and then thankful.

    Weeks later, upon discovering she’s pregnant, Claire has no reason for concern. With the help of genetic counselors and fertility specialists, she and Tim have been striving for a miracle-sibling for Ally.

    And now they have one: a precious baby boy they name Owen.

    But all is not well, and soon Claire begins spotting alarming quirks in Owen’s behavior that suggest he is stricken with Batten Disease, the terminal illness that took her brother in 1979.

    If Claire is right and Owen is sick, other disturbing things may also be true. Things like: Claire has been raped; Owen is not Tim’s son; and Owen is going to die.

    As the truth of Owen’s conception emerges, Claire finds herself at the mercy of an unthinkable choice. Her decision—and its harrowing consequences—threaten not only her career and her marriage, but even her freedom.