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  • Seventeen Shades of Love by Olga Toprover

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    This book is a collection of romantic, sentimental short stories.
    “SEVENTEEN SHADES OF LOVE”: After her divorce Julia was able to take everything under control and to move on. She became successful and happy. There is no place for romance in her life. But is it possible to live without love?
    “HOW TO BECOME A STAR”: People often ask Maddy how to become a star. She doesn’t know, she can only tell the story of her own. It begins with her happy marriage…
    “A HAPPY ENDING IN A BIG CITY”: She travels from one city to another, meeting the same kind of men who always abandon her. She doesn’t know that the true love is waiting for her far, far away.
    “RICHARD’S MISTAKE”: He is suspicious about his wife. She is hiding something. And then this phone number… Is she cheating on him? Richard is going to find out…
    And more stories… They are nostalgic and dreamy but by no means they are fantasy or fairy tales. These romance stories center around ordinary people who are swept away by love and passion. It is all truth. Adventurous and glamorous things might happen to everyone. They happen to all of us although sometimes we just don’t realize.
    “Just think of the color and vivacity that love can bring back into your life. You know, they say there are seventeen shades of love!”
    “Seventeen shades?” Julia sobbed even louder. “What am I supposed to do with that?”
    (A quote from the story with the same title as this book)
    This book is a collaboration with artist Larissa Makeeva. Her fascinating art helps to color up the narrative and the characters in charming bright tones.

  • Taming the Playboy Sheik by Amerine Graham

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    Marriage, that’s what his father commanded. He didn’t have to like it but he had to comply. But there are a few surprises in store for both Khalid Al-Qasim and his designated bride Saleema. On the surface he is a cold-hearted jerk while she is the fragile Belle but they have a shared past that Saleema is yet to discover; a past which comes back to haunt the arrogant Playboy and his beautiful Belle. Will Saleema survive this time? Or will the unknown enemy succeed?
    In the meantime, Khalid finds out that he has an uncanny attraction to his bride and eventually was quite willing to see where that would lead but Saleema had ideas of her own.

  • In the Calyx by Libre Paley

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    On ordinary summer day, Charlotte steps exhausted out of her busy, juggling existence and is presented with the choice of leaving it all behind for one week of incredibly adventuring, in which she acts out her hitherto secret sexual fantasies.
    As the guest of the elegant and enigmatic Mrs Gizela Konta and a participant in the Calyx programme, Charlotte is serially re-awakened, seduced, encouraged to take on both dominant and submissive roles, and delivered of the most intense of pleasures.
    Along the way, she meets Grigori, impossibly handsome and inscrutable, he is in hiding from a world that has hurt him. Until he meets Charlotte, the first woman in a long time that could tempt him back.
    After one final night beyond her imagining, Charlotte will find returning to the real world harder than she’d anticipated.
    A modern take on ‘chateau erotica’, In the Calyx is a sensual, erotic, and romantic novel for every woman who needs time out to indulge her fantasies.

  • The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur

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    “You never got over her. You just left.”

    From author Suanne Laqueur comes an astonishing debut novel, The Man I Love: a young man’s emotional journey to salvage relationships destroyed in the wake of a college shooting. With unforgettable characters dealing with today’s relevant issues, this gripping story explores love, sexuality and trauma. It reflects on what it means to be a man, a son and a leader. A soul mate, a partner and a lover. What it means to live the truth of who you are and what you feel. What it means to fight for what you love.

  • Torn: A Dark BDSM Romance Novel (Shattered Lives Book 1) by Lexie Syrah

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    She was a young thing, a child really, full of hope and light, who’s only friends were the shadows on the walls. Others would have found the darkness that she traversed lacking in shadows, but she exuded an unearthly radiance, lighting the world with every step and bringing life to the shadows that lived only in the twilight between worlds. It was here that her friends came out to play and fed her soul with their love of her joy and the light she bore. For without light, there could be no shadows.

    He, a man living in the light, found nothing in the darkness, though his eyes scoured it constantly for a kindred spirit. Always, he searched the void for someone to cling to, some kind of anchor for his soul. For he walked in the light only with help of a mask to hide behind. Under it hid an ethereal animal, primal in its needs and desires, which could not stand the light of day. If only there was one who could give him light without destroying the darkness that filled him so that he could finally be free.

    This is the beginning of Mr. Sheffield and Maggie’s love story. It isn’t simple. It isn’t clean. Life’s not simple or clean, and a truly epic love story shouldn’t be either. Epic love must be forged in the fires of heartbreak, pain, and fear because love is no different than steel, and only the fire of a wounded soul can burn away the impurities.

    Torn will pull you in with the steamy scenes of young Maggie learning about the dark world of BDSM by revealing the dark and primal man that lay behind Mr. Sheffield’s masks. Lust and passion abound in their pursuits of physical love, but always, there is a shadow hanging over them as she unravels Mr. Sheffield’s past.

    But it is not the physical love that will force you to keep turning the pages. Other stories may bring you romance and candles, but this is a story with claws and teeth. It is raw. It is passion. It is real.

    If you’re looking for a story that will warm your heart and make you see the good in the world, look elsewhere. This is about the darkness that lies behind the mask that we all wear. It is about the animal inside each of us. And yet, you’ll wish that you were the one lying underneath Mr. Sheffield as the mask comes off and the cuffs wrap around your wrists and ankles. You’ll know that pain will follow, but in the end, you know that passion and pleasure will never fail to fill your body, mind, and soul…

  • Babe Driven by Lizzie Chantree

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    Harriet’s wonderfully successful business, Babe Driven, is the talk of the town, but her world is about to come crashing down around her, and the threat seems to be coming from inside her own family. For someone who stays out of the limelight, even though her new company is the hottest ticket around, she’s going to have to avoid the front pages of every newspaper if she wants to survive the ride!

  • Seventeen Shades of Love by Olga Toprover

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    This book is a collection of romantic, sentimental short stories. It is a collaboration with artist Larissa Makeeva. Her fascinating art helps to color up the narrative and the characters in charming bright tones.

    The stories range many genres from comedy to drama. They are nostalgic and dreamy but by no means they are fantasy or fairy tales. These stories center around ordinary people who are swept away by love and passion. It is all truth. Adventurous and glamorous things might happen to everyone. They happen to all of us although sometimes we just don’t realize.

  • Birds of a Feather by Kit Dixon

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    How can you tell whether you’re running to or away from something?

    The moment Liz’s long term boyfriend proposes, she knows she has to get away. Far away. After all, the last thing she wants is more of the safe, predictable life she’s grown up with and if something doesn’t change, that’s exactly what she’s going to get.

    So she decides that if adventure isn’t going to find her, she’ll have to go looking for it.

    Her new life starts when Liz decides to open her heart and her mind by volunteering with underprivileged kids in sunny Peru. But it’s not long before she discovers she’s in way over her head.

    When the program coordinator sends her on a weekend hiking excursion to get some fresh air and some perspective, she is delighted to discover that the magnificent scenery includes a tour guide that just happens to be a totally gorgeous bird nerd.

    Fortunately for Liz, as she gets to know the unlikely companions on her tour, she begins to realize that sometimes flying away isn’t always such a bad idea.

    This is a free contemporary romance.

  • Licked by Hazel Kelly

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    Sometimes the Teacher’s Pet wants more than just an A…

    Professor Kirk Jenkins was a normal guy. He had a few regrets and a few secrets, but for the most part, he was a decent man who believed he deserved to live a good life. And now that the woman of his dreams had agreed to marry him, it looked like everything was going to work out exactly as he’d hoped.

    But when sex obsessed undergrad Julianna Foster decides to seduce him to impress her friends, Kirk doesn’t stand a chance. And once Julianna gets a taste for his attention, nothing will stop her from setting them on a course that will change their lives forever.

    **Licked is a free erotic suspense novella and part one in the Devoured Series. It is intended for mature audiences.

    **Warning: Contains Sexual Content

  • Held Hostage A Story of Love & Mental Illness by Bonnie McKeating

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    Meet James A secret agent trapped inside the dire confines of the Mayview Hospital, a mental health facility, on a mission to liberate the prisoners of this institution. Only one thing stands between James and his freedom, his sanity. James is a paranoid schizophrenic, although this truth often eludes him, especially when the voices call to him in the form of a mysterious and dangerous woman he calls Eve. As he struggles on his road to redemption James must learn to confront his past in order to better accept and control his illness. On this journey he meets Emily, a woman who will change life as he knows it. As James and Emily grow closer together James is forced to make a decision to either continue with his treatment or be with the woman he’s come to love. What James must understand is Emily has her own dark secrets and that love does not always conquer all. Held Hostage is a story about mental illness and the sometimes deathly hold it has on its unwilling captors. It’s a story about life, loss and the friendships in between. But mostly, it’s a story about love.

  • Who Killed ‘Tom Jones’? by Gale Martin

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    Ellie Overton is a 28-year-old rest home receptionist with a pussycat nose who also happens to be gaga for the pop singer Tom Jones. Regrettably single, she is desperate to have a white-hot love relationship, like those she’s read about in romance novels. Following an astrological hunch, she attends a Tom Jones Festival and meets an available young impersonator with more looks and personality than talent. Though he’s knocked out of the contest, he’s still in the running to become Ellie’s blue-eyed soul mate—until he’s accused of killing off the competition. It’s not unusual that the handsome police detective working the case is spending more time pursuing Ellie than collaring suspects. So, she enlists some wily and witty rest home residents to help find the real murderer. Will Ellie crack the case? Must she forfeit her best chance for lasting love to solve the crime?

  • The Keeper by R. L. Mosz

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    The Keeper is a thought-provoking, clean, and contemporary women’s drama that explores the mysterious power of friendship and love. Initially, powerhouse surgeon Dr. Chris Seacrest finds little of interest to him in the young, post-stroke patient Caitlin Rosenberry. But a brief encounter in an exam room sets a series of cataclysmic events into motion from which there is no turning back. In the midst of it all, Dr. Seacrest finds himself in love with Caitlin, yet she never wants to see him again.

  • Brooke & Ben: Before Fate Interrupted by Kaitlyn Cross

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    Halloween will never be the same…

    In this stand alone story, Brooke and Mandy throw the Halloween party to beat all Halloween parties but when he walks through the door, the stage is set for disaster. Brooke doesn’t know it yet, but her life is about to change. Everyone has those rare, defining moments when a simple reaction, good or bad, can alter everything thereafter. And tonight, where masks hide more than faces, will be no different.

  • Tomorrow by Ethan Bailey

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    Martin and Sarah Hamilton live a charmed life on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. A known author, Martin works on a new novel around their summer schedule of leisure.

    From a hotel visit near the Florida beaches to a lavish party hosted by the unforgettable Evelyn Carradine, this debut from Ethan Bailey demonstrates how love, fiction and reality blend to tell a more truthful story of the world. Tomorrow is an elegant and timeless expression of the modern Deep South, destined to become a classic.

  • The Dr Pepper Prophecies by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

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    Mel is a twenty-five-year-old underachiever with a terrible job, too much time on her hands and a perfect younger sister. Her work and love lives hit a new low when she ends up working for her ex.

    The one good thing in her life has always been her best friend Will, who has seen her through every crisis from lost toys to pregnancy scares. Now a successful accountant, he looks a prime catch to his girlfriend Natalie, who’s determined to replace Mel as the woman in his life.

    Despairing of improving her own life, she sets out to help her friends instead.

    After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

    A contemporary romantic comedy based loosely on Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ and similar in style to works by Sophie Kinsella.