college age

  • Let Go by Allie Winters

    0 out of 5

    She keeps her heart locked up tight

    Putting yourself out there? Getting close to others? No, thanks, I’ll pass. It’s safer to keep to yourself. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. So when I accidentally tell the muscled hunk I’ve been secretly drooling over all semester how I really feel about him, it’s not like I meant for him to take an interest in me. I don’t want a boyfriend. Not even when it turns out he’s so much more than just brawn.

    My goal for so long has been simple – get into grad school. And when I get a dream TA position at the beginning of the new semester that will help me achieve just that, I’ll have to forget about him now that he’s my student. Easy, right?

    He wants her to let go of all that control

    I can’t get her out of my head – the shy, sexy brunette that’s trying so hard to keep me at a distance. I can be patient, though. Anything to break through that reserve and get under her shields. But just when I thought I’ve succeeded, she’s off-limits. Say hello to my new TA. Even though I’m hot for teacher, there’s no way she would risk this opportunity. Right?

  • A Safe Place to Fall by Barbara C. Doyle

    0 out of 5

    She was the girl that everybody wanted to protect…

    Blair Summers is a hardworking twenty-one year old with a past of falling into bad habits. When one bad judgement call leads to years of over-protection from her brother and his best friend, she becomes eager to prove that she is not the naïve teenager she once was. But when one bold move tests her oldest friendship, will she prove that she has grown up or fall into the same pit that she has been trapped in for all those years?

    He was the boy that every father and brother feared…

    Nate Evans is a family friend with a reputation. For years, his main goal was to protect Blair from past flames, but when she makes a bold move toward him at her brother’s wedding, the wall he built starts crumbling down. All he wants is to ensure that she never gets hurt again, but if he gives into his own temptation he knows that the risk of losing her will only hurt her more.

  • Sparks Fly by Nicole Douglas

    0 out of 5

    Max Davis wasn’t looking to find a girl like Lacey Griffin when he was driving down a dark deserted road. The little damsel in distress grabbed his attention by the balls and wouldn’t let go. He didn’t come from the best background, had partaken in plenty of shady dealings in the twenty-one years of his life. But seeing her wandering around town alone and scared stirred his protective instincts that up until that moment had been dormant.

    After her last relationship ends with her fleeing into the night, Lacey sure as hell isn’t looking for male attention. Especially not from one as mysterious as Max. Sparks ignite almost instantly and judgment, along with good old self preservation, evaporate into thin air as the two get swept up in a whirl of passion and tangled sheets.

    What happens when a reformed bad boy trying to put his past behind him and forget his family’s dark legacy meets a sweet girl trying to escape a real life nightmare and cope with the curve ball life threw at her?