• On the Brink: Complete Boxed Set by Erika Rhys

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    The On the Brink Boxed Set includes all three volumes of the bestselling On the Brink Series at a discounted price!

    There are two things Juliana West doesn't want in her life–drama and a relationship.

    Especially a relationship.

    That is, until she meets handsome, mysterious billionaire Craig Manning. Damaged by her traumatic past, Juliana doesn't want to fall for Craig, whose wealth and social prominence place him in a world utterly different from the simpler life she's worked hard to build in Boston.

    But with an intense attraction brewing between them, how can Juliana resist Craig's determined pursuit? Despite her own scars, and despite the darkness she senses in Craig, she wants him–heart and soul.

    The question for Juliana is how can she protect herself when Craig's darkest secrets expose themselves–and threaten to smash their once-promising relationship apart?