Clarissa Wild

  • Seven Dirty Sins: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set by Morgan Black, Tara Brown, Ella James, Skylar Cross, Melissa Andrea, Clarissa Wild

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    Seven top selling authors come together to bring you seven original panty-dropping tales to meet all your late night needs. So take a look… you might just find your own guilty pleasure inside these pages.

    Everybody sins. What’s your dirty little secret?

    Morgan Black- Misconception (Envy)

    Lena’s a runaway. It’s what she does best. Run away from her problems. But she can’t run away from the Finnegan brothers, not anymore.

    Sometimes secrets catch up with you.

    Tara Brown- The End of You (Greed)

    The seven deadly sins are known for the evil they toy with inside of each of us.

    The seven dirty sins taunt us to dance with the darker side of our souls.

    Don’t miss this The End of You, the darker side to the Single Lady Spy Series.

    Clarissa Wild- Filthy (Pride)

    Faking his way through life is all Jaret Paxon knows, but reality in the form of an ex-girlfriend bumps into him, and now he’s forced to face his own sin. When shame becomes pride, he’ll fight to claim what always belonged to him.

    Melissa Andrea- Lust

    One Bottle. One Dare. One Night. It was reckless. It was thoughtless. But giving in was all it took to drown in complete and raw lust.

    Ella James- Sloth

    She’s a small-time college drug dealer. He’s the area kingpin. What do you think happens?

    Skylar Cross- Tattered Angel (Wrath)

    For rock star Damien Cage, girls are like candy. Unwrap, eat, and toss. Until one comes crashing into his world with fire, passion, music… and a dark past that threatens to destroy him.

    Roxie Elms- Volatile (Gluttony)

    Hannah’s life as a pole dancer at the local strip club is as routine as it gets. When two mysterious brothers from her dark past find her again, her world is jolted out of place.

  • The Billionaire’s Bet: A Seductive Deal by Clarissa Wild

    0 out of 5

    Enjoy this hot night of play with a dominant billionaire!

    Julie Valentine’s soul searching turned out to be a bad case of the author blues. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, she goes to a casino in the hopes of relaxing and getting her mind straight, while rekindling her passion for books, but not even a nice glass of wine seems to work. Writing steamy romances requires more than just leisure time.

    When she meets the billionaire Dominic Fury, a handsome blue-eyed kind ladies’ man, his charms win her over. Maybe spending a night with him will give her plenty of inspiration. It turns out Dominic has a seductive request for her, one she cannot refuse.

  • Doing it Risqué by Clarissa Wild

    0 out of 5

    After a fiery night, Grace Bennett couldn’t get over sexy Finn Wood, no matter how much she tried. To make matters worse, her father agreed to a deal and now Grace has to marry one of the worst guys out there. She’s determined to keep that from happening, and forges a plan with Finn, so they can be together after all. Will she succeed?