Cici James

  • Played by Cici James

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    How could one person be so cruel? This is the question I asked myself as the pain, that ran as deep as any ocean known to man pierced my heart and anger coursed through my veins. I was at a loss for words. I thought back to the times when as a child, the little girl, who reminded me so much of myself, would be so sad. Her always lowered brown eyes looking at me as if to say “help me please”. This little girl, whom I would love as if she were my own had grown into a woman I did not know. Sure, I knew her past. I heard the rumors, but she held a special place in my heart. If there was one thing, I would have bet on is that no matter how troubled or devious she was, she would never pull those games on me. Little did I know that I would have lost that bet. And what’s worse is that what did happen, I wouldn’t have done to my worst enemy, let alone someone who loved and believed in me.