Chris Johnson

  • Dead Cell by Chris Johnson

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    The top selling psychic detective series starts here…

    “A psychic thriller that kept me engaged the whole way through.” – Goodreads Reviewer

    People are dying across Statton city in unexplainable road accidents. Some are bizarre enough to make investigators wonder, how did they die? The list grows daily with the only connection being tattooed numbers on the victims that increase with each horrifying death.

    When psychic PI Craig Ramsey’s adopted daughter becomes the next casualty, he takes the case. His efforts soon conflict with police detective Brianna Cogan, a sceptic who thinks Ramsey’s psychic abilities are fake. Ramsey believes supernatural forces are at work behind the deaths; Cogan thinks it’s something tangible and won’t cop a phony clairvoyant stepping on her toes.

    Events soon draw them into a web of intrigue, supernatural assassins, and a secret government conspiracy that’s deeper and darker than they realise.

    Each day that the killer roams free, the closer the city hurtles to greater chaos.

    “This is the first ‘supernatural’ thriller I’ve read and really enjoyed. The novel had several intriguing plots, was fast-paced, and Johnson’s exquisite description of action-packed scenes had me re-reading excerpts.” – Goodreads Reviewer

    If you like supernatural thrillers with a touch of dry humour, cinematic action and toughness, you won’t be able to put down the instantly addictive Craig Ramsey series.