Chris Bostic

  • Night Cap by Chris Bostic

    0 out of 5

    Any other time, Hope might have enjoyed a personal tour of the renowned Bison Path Distillery. But not with Alyssa along. Hope’s internet-famous diva of a boss was a handful to look after on her mildest days.
    With a room full of rare, priceless bottles, and rack houses loaded to the rafters with some of the most exclusive barrels on earth, Hope was ready to try some samples. Definitely a healthy night cap when the long day was done. However, all that expensive bourbon made the distillery a ripe target. So, of course, a big heist would have to go down while Hope was visiting.
    Alyssa was no help in a situation like that, or pretty much any other time. Fortunately, they traveled with an ex-cop for a bodyguard. With Lee’s help, they at least stood a fighting chance of getting out alive.
    Please be advised – The Bourbon Heist Series is recommended for mature audiences, ages 18+