Cherry Seniel

  • North Emblem by Cherry Seniel

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    The Chief of Aplon is dead. The entire village rejoices. His death serves as a reminder to everyone. Never defy the law of the land or succumb to the consequences. Loving a Samardian is against the rule. Did the spirit forbid it or is it a law mandated by man? No one gets immunity—not even the Chief.

    Ingrid—the woman he loves. She can’t escape the wrath of the people, including the life she carries. But she will take her chances. Her baby will survive and rule Aplon one day to correct these idiosyncrasies. She will protect this claim even it will cost her life. It shall be done. This is her vow.

    Elijah sees nothing but darkness the first time he opens his eyes while in the care of his newfound family. But thanks to his crystal, he pictures the world in black and white. He wants to believe he is normal, but his heart tells otherwise. And with his fatal touch—he knew he isn’t ordinary. He must conceal this secret. It’s the only way not to hurt anyone. But with Hayleya, the world he knew becomes the opposite. He can look into her eyes and feel her touch without fear. And she holds his heart captive the first time their gaze met. If only he can swap his reality with that kind of world he knew in his dream. He would stay in that place where there is no fear and darkness, but love and freedom. Their love is real. The story repeats itself. He fell in love with a Samardian—just like his father. But this time, he will fight for it and he must succeed. The life of Hayleya and the discovery of his true identity hang by a thread. There’s no room for failure. Saving Hayleya means unleashing the words written by a powerful Samardian—his mother.

  • A Timeless Heartbeat by Cherry Seniel

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    Two living souls who wish to rekindle a love—born from the past and reborn in the present. It was a love of a lifetime tested by time and age. But fate was elusive. The long days of waiting consumed her peace—it leads to a dark plan. Another soul can spark their flame of love in exchange for something she can never take back—her life. Death is not the end, in the name of love.

    Mila opens her eyes and feels her heartbeat again. Thanks to her mysterious donor. Caught between life and death, a dream becomes her key. She knew that a lady gave her a second chance to live. But in return, she made her promise one thing—to find a guy she doesn’t know. The secret of the past is her only clue, but how to find him—she remains oblivious.

    The dream can mean nothing—she starts to believe that until fate made its way to unveil the answers to her questions. Joshua’s penetrating gaze awakens a feeling that is new to her. Is it really a new spark? Or is it an old feeling, rooted deeply, waiting to be rekindled? She needs to lead her fate—to embrace the love from the past or to welcome Luke’s love in the present?

  • The Condor of the South by Cherry Seniel

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    Deprived of memory, Hayleya returns to the native town of Wendaka where the secret of her identity remains undiscovered. It wasn’t the first time she sets her foot in town. Born and raised in a village, Wendaka had no choice but to take her away and fled the town for their safety. She returned clueless about who she was when she fought with her life, saving Lela from Azura’s captivity. The fight crippled her energy, leaving her into a vegetative state for years. But when she opened her eyes the first time since her coma, she only remembers Wendaka and Lela. The rest, she has no clue. She can’t remember, Elijah, but her heart speaks for itself. But just when she submits to her emotion, longing to be in his arms, a sudden blow of rage overwhelms her, giving her the reason to hate the only man she loves. It puzzles her. Love or hate, she must decide. Submitting to the rage demands to kill the Eagle of the North—the man who saved her life. A dark force in the forest waits for her return. The secret of the past unravels one by one right before her. She pleads for her escape. And she must act fast before it’s too late.

    With the series of incidents happening in town, Elijah aims to dig deeper into the history of the four tribes and what caused the rift between them. The pressure he carries in his shoulder builds up, making him desperate to seek support from the warriors of his tribe. Without the markings of the spirits, he is on his own. The warriors cannot come near him. He has no choice, but to follow the rulings made by the spirits in the forest or suffer the consequences. The warriors speak about a prophecy—the Condor of the South will kill him. But he can’t give up Hayleya to secure his place in the tribe. He loves her and he has faith their love will conquer. But what if the only way to save their love is to let go? Divergence, power, and love—Elijah’s mission have just begun.