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  • From Nathan to Nanako: Changed into a Cheerleader by T.F. Wright

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    Nathan’s an awkward, gentle giant: a big, shy, oaf of a man who crushes hard on the head cheerleader at his school, Daniella. Nathan tries out for the football team to impress her, but even though he doesn’t make the cut, he manages to get invited to one of Daniella’s famous parties. Little does he suspect that it’s a party for two, and Daniella is bent on satisfying her gender-bending, exotic tastes…

  • The Princess of Hearts by Jezebel Divelle

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    Kelly was once a sweet little princess. She’s still a virgin, but now she’s an 18-year-old spoiled brat. Her stepdad Mark loves her and even his cheating wife, but he’s getting tired of being the household ATM. When he invites a group of dangerous characters back home for a game of poker, he quickly finds himself in massive debt. 

    The thugs flash their guns and demand a turn with the hot schoolgirl Kelly if daddy doesn’t pay up. Luckily, Kelly is willing to wager her tight body to give Mark the chance to win back his money and her young heart. If he loses this risky game, his home will be robbed and Kelly will be taken by the gang. If he wins, his most taboo fantasies will come true, along with payback against his wife. 

  • Penalties in the Locker Room (Delinquent Cheerleader Confessions) by Christie St Claire

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    Christie St Claire was in the gym late one night when she heard some strange sounds coming from the cheerleader locker room. When she went to investigate, she witnessed the delinquent behavior of the Fenton University Cheerleading Squad.

    Brittany is a member of the university cheerleading. Her squeals are one part delight two parts pain as a woman in a high gloss black corset and high heels swings a wooden paddle. Christie has her eyes opened about the delinquent behavior of the Fenton University Cheerleading Squad and the night was only just beginning.