cheating wife

  • A Cuckold’s Tale: Jessica’s Interracial Cheating Obsession by A.I. Robertson

    0 out of 5

    In the past, Frank’s wife Jessica had a thing for black men and shortly after they were married he caught her in the act of cheating on him in their own house. Even though it scarred him deeply he forgave her and they made it work. But now, years later the signs of her infidelity have returned.

    The questions come at him hard and relentless. Is it all in his head or is there something to his suspicions? Is she cheating on him and if she is why does it make him feel more aroused than jealous? Why does he feel excited rather than hurt? Is it the end of their marriage? Or could it be the beginning of something more? Frank’s decision of whether or not to confront his wife and what comes later will change their lives forever.

    A heated tale of an interracial cuckolding relationship and how one couple deals with it when their fantasies become real.

  • Forbidden Thoughts: A Book of Erotic Shorts and Poetry by A.I Robertson

    0 out of 5

    This book is filled with steamy erotic stories and poetry that explore a common thread; dominance, and subjugation.

    Sometimes the thread is a subtle one as in the short story ‘Game of Hearts’. Where a wood-be suitor confronts his queen and lays his life on the line in hopes of winning her affection. A sweet story with characters you may have run across before. Or in the cuckolding short story ‘Not what I was expecting’ that deals with an unfaithful man who, returning home, discovers his wife has been carrying on her own affair for some time. How he deals with their newfound roles and the unique twist that lies therein definitely fits the thread.

    Then again, sometimes it’s more apparent and direct as in the poem ‘Stalker’ that details the inner workings of a mild-mannered man’s psyche as he plans to dominate the striking young woman he sees at the coffee shop. Or in the vignette ‘Anticipation’ where the lead character must undergo a regiment of psychological and emotional trials as an initiate of an inner circle of demanding and frustratingly teasing mistresses.

    All of these stories and poems fit together, woven just so, to create a patchwork quilt of erotic power plays and domination. Forbidden thoughts is an anthology and contain the following stories and poems:

    – Stalker
    – A Game of Hearts
    – Taking Him, Home
    – Stalker
    – Not What I Was Expecting
    – Sounds
    – Anticipation

  • Hotwife Online: A Cuckold Web Cam Story by A.I Robertson

    0 out of 5

    Completely by chance, Justin finds out that his wife of many years has a secret account on the adult webcam site Touch Me Online. When he discovers her online persona and cam page he realizes that his neat and easy button-down life is about to be changed forever by his wife’s sexy new past time. Watching her cheat right before his eyes on her cam, he realizes he wants to see her pleasured as much as she does herself. Maybe even more.

    While wrestling with the idea of his wife’s new public indiscretions Justin must also figure out how to handle his personal assistant Lita, a hot red-headed Irish vixen with a flirtatious nature who seems to want to bring more than just coffee to her boss’ table.

  • Claire’s Waking Desire: A Hotwife’s First Cuckold Experience by A.I Robertson

    0 out of 5

    Claire Riley is your average mild-mannered suburban housewife. Mother of two and wife to Ted. After years of marriage and a brand new case of empty nest syndrome, her life has settled into a gentle rocking hum of doldrums. Little does she know it but her world is about to be turned upside down and changed forever.

    When she catches her husband Ted watching interracial cuckold porn on the internet she realizes that the problem isn’t with their marriage it’s with their sex life in particular. She peels back the boring facade revealing the steamy hidden desires that she and Ted both secretly share. When she runs into Tyler, an old friend from school, she embarks on a steamy whirlwind affair that makes Ted’s movies look tame by comparison. She wonders how Ted will react when he finds out he should be careful of what he wishes for and that he is now the star of his very own true-life cuckolding story.

    Note: This book contains an elicit depiction of interracial cuckolding and hotwife scenarios.

  • A Cuckold Neighborhood: Collection of Books 1-3 by A.I Robertson

    0 out of 5

    When Sarah Thompson decides she needs more from her life than what her husband Grant can provide she takes a secret lover. After discovering her interracial infidelity Grant has to decide to leave and disrupt his life or stay and be her cuckold. He wrestles with the notion that to remain her husband he must allow her indiscretions.

    In the course of a months time, Grant discovers that his innocent neighborhood is full of secrets. Dark and sexual and fascinating obsessions.

    This collection contains books 1-3 of A Cuckold Neighborhood Story.

  • Helen Gets Schooled by Peaches Dean

    0 out of 5

    “When one of her son’s friends visits from college, Helen is the object of his attention and succumbs to his youthful advances. Encouraged by her husband, Helen heads off for a weekend with the young man at his college, planning to stay with him at his fraternity.

    Helen’s husband encourages her to have fun with as many of the brothers as she wants, but she is resistant to the idea. When she is faced with the advances of so many fit, young, eager suitors, her resolve wavers, then crumbles as she is overwhelmed with the opportunity to experience the power of their youthful bodies.

    Helen experiences more than she ever imagined, and is transformed by her blossoming lust and confidence into someone she no longer recognises – will her husband still approve of her schooling?”

  • Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol.1-5 by Gustav Jorgenson

    0 out of 5

    What happens when a wife who feels neglected in her own marriage starts to receive attention from other men? She might enjoy a bit of harmless flirtation. But what if things go a bit further than she intended? Most wives wouldn't want to risk their marriages. But sometimes her husband might give her subtle clues that he wouldn't mind. What's if he is open to the idea of sharing her as long as he gets to watch? Might even a sensible and loyal wife be daring enough to find out?

  • Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol 2 by Gustav Jorgenson

    0 out of 5

    Gustav Jorgenson continues his titilating series with this collection of erotic short stories that explore the space between the cuckold and hotwife fantasies. Loving wives hope to reignite the cooling embers of their love lives by being with other men in front of their husbands.

  • Party Like a Plutocrat by Gustav Jorgenson

    0 out of 5

    Party Like a Plutocrat finishes the story begun in Max’s Lingerie Parties, Ltd. This edition includes the content from that story to form a complete, novel length piece.

    Book 1: Max’s Lingerie Parties, Ltd.

    Self styled “serial-entrepreneur” Max Levine has failed at every business he undertook. When Max comes up with the idea of selling lingerie to men at tupperware style parties, he finds that he doesn’t have cash to hire models. Your wife has been best friends with Max’s wife since college and the two upper-middle-class, professional women reluctantly agree to help Max out and model lingerie for a group of strange men. However when billionaire Reginald Witherspoon shows up, the playful exhibitionism that spiced up your dull love lives quickly escalates out of control.

    Book 2: Party Like a Plutocrat

    The wives are whisked away to New York City to party with Witherspoon’s entourage and billionaire friends. They are pressed into service to fulfill the hedonistic desires of powerful men, sometimes in public. You and Max rush off to NYC in an attempt to save your marriage, but witness gut wrenching scenes of infidelity that are strangely arousing.

    The deep bonds of marriage are challenged in this graphically erotic novel about infidelity, big money, and sexy underwear.