Chava Epstein

  • The Heart’s Melody by Chava Epstein

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    The Heart’s Melody is the story of Noa, a mature Israeli Jewish woman in her fifties, who, in order to understand the miracle of life, allows the unexpected to happen. She is developing a complex romantic relationship with Amar, a young Arab man of twenty-eight, who she meets at an empowerment and self-awareness course.

    In this relationship Noa finds her inner voice that had been suppressed and silenced for years. This relationship is almost impossible because of the immense differences in age, sex and nationality. This is a multi- layered voice that is reflected in a variety of dreams, fantasies, fairy tales, and reincarnations.

    If you’re wondering how it is possible to bridge between conflicting cultures and heritages, this story will challenge you.

    If you love an exciting and exhilarating love story between a man and a woman, a love story that reaches new heights of happiness just to crash down into the abyss of vicissitudes and mysterious pain, this book is for you!

    This book also contains fifty paintings selected from a collection of works by the author, each of which is designed to express the atmosphere of the chapter it accompanies.