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  • ISLAND HEAT by Chastity Lowman

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    This is a sexy, tantalizing tidbit of a story…

    Heat. It can do funny things to a girl, especially if that girl happens to be in heat. And Mia definitely is ever since her jerk-off of a boyfriend had broken up with her after six months of co-habited bliss – all because he thought she had trust issues. Mia had been hoping that a whole week with the two of them on a tropical paradise full of hedonistic possibilities would fix their troubled relationship but it hadn’t survived long enough for them to make it to the island together.

    In a fit of bravado, Mia decides to come to the island alone. Now that she’s here, though, and not accountable to anyone, Mia finds herself holding back although a fast hook-up with a John Doe had been her wet fantasy for the longest time. Then she meets Dani, one of the owners of the resort, and she persuades Mia to take part in the resort’s popular nightly show, a colorful, glorified sex orgy production. And thanks to her uninhibited performance onstage, Mia soon finds an ardent fan in Luc, the resort’s hunky photographer, who is only too willing to help Mia turn her wet fantasies into reality…